Kam’s Roast Singapore: Michelin-Starred Roast To Boast About

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A spin-off of the popular Hong Kong restaurant Kam’s Roast Goose 甘牌燒鵝 , Kam’s Roast is set to open its doors to the public on 19th November at Pacific Plaza along Scotts Road.

Located at street level, this is said to be the first overseas outlet established in partnership by Singaporean television producer Robert Chua and Hardy Kam, one of the grandsons of Kam Shui Fai who was the founder of Yung Kee restaurant.

Right next to Michelin-starred Tsuta Ramen who recently started business, Kam’s Roast too has earned themselves a Michelin Star. In fact, Kam’s was awarded the prestigious accolade just four months within their opening in Hong Kong back in 2014.

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Due to the challenges of finding geese that are of a high quality, the restaurant had issues trying to find a reliable goose supplier as those from Kam’s in Hong Kong could not be imported to Singapore.

Not wanting to misrepresent what they sold, they decided to call themselves Kam’s Roast instead of Kam’s Roast Goose (which is the Hong Kong title) and rightly so. Serving roast duck that is similar tasting to roast goose, they ensure that it is cooked in the same fashion and is up to standards.

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We got the opportunity to watch the chef as he chops up mouth-watering roasts piece by piece before carefully plating them.

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The succulent roast meat is indeed testament to the amount of effort that goes into preparing their dishes. The process of preparing a single roast can easily take three to four hours as it has to be cleaned, marinated and air-dried before it can be roasted.

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Marinated Cucumber with Vinegar and Garlic ($6.80)

Their marinated cucumber served on top of a vinegar and garlic seasoning was a refreshing start to the meal. Not only was the cucumber crunchy but it also absorbed all the pungent sauces well.

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Marinated Black Fungus with Vinegar and Garlic ($6.80)

If the cucumber appetiser was great, this is even better. What looks like a simple serving of black fungus really packs a punch as it had a sweet sour taste to it that was thoroughly enjoyable.

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Roast Duck ($11.80 for a portion, $48 for a whole duck)

With a meaty tenderness, their roast duck was succulent to say the least. With alternating layers of fat underneath a crispy skin, the juices made for a flavourful experience. Best eaten immediately when served as you want to have it warm.

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“Toro” Char Siu ($14.80 for the BBQ Pork, $22.80 for the BBQ Pork Belly)

This is a must-try. With lean char siew slices served fresh, you can really taste the smokey barbeque flavours melting in your mouth as you chew it. Go for the premium pork belly as it really makes a whole lot of difference. Seasoned with Kam’s award-winning marinade, what could possibly go wrong.

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Roast Suckling Pig ($248 for a whole, $148 for half)

Remove the slightly crisp skin to find a wonderful aroma wafting through your nostrils, courtesy of the roasted skin. The meat is juicy and tender at the same time and is amazing when dipped in the subtly sweet plum sauce. Let’s not forget the delightful crunch that ensues when you bite the skin.

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As Kam intends to continue the legacy left behind by his grandfather, he hopes to win the hearts of guests who dine at Kam’s Roast. With a chef who has experience with working at Yung Kee based here permanently, the same quality will certainly be replicated using the family recipe and same marinade techniques passed down.

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With well-seasoned meat that is moist with tenderness, Kam’s Roast has it all. From the stellar presentation to the fragrant aroma of the meats followed by the delectable taste of it in your mouth, I’m sure it will be love at first bite for most. Kam’s Michelin Star in Hong Kong is well-deserved, although it’s a pity we can’t savour their roast geese.

Other dishes exclusive to Singapore include their legendary wonton noodles flown in daily from Hong Kong and their red bean dessert which is cooked with a premium mandarin peel guaranteed to induce a potent taste.

Expected damage: $20 – $50 per pax

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Kam’s Roast: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, Singapore 228210 | Opens: Saturday, 19 November 2016 at 1pm | Facebook