Naumi Liora Singapore: Heritage Boutique Hotel at Keong Saik

naumi liora hotel boutique hotel singapore keong saik

Opening its 2nd boutique hotel at Keong Saik road near Chinatown, The Hind Group uses the street’s heritage and nostalgia as its inspiration behind this bright orange shophouse turned hotel.

I had the good pleasure of bunking in this 79-room work of art for a night, soaking up the atmosphere personally.

liora hotel-3

Designed by award-winning architectural design firm URBNarc, the hotel mainly retains its 1920s lattice-styled Peranakan charm, with an infusion of new modern elements as well as the owner’s quirky love for old-school ‘coolies’ sculptures (who kind of look like kungfu monks to me), made by local sculptor KY Huang. These unique sculptures are distributed throughout the hotel in various forms of play, reminiscent of Chinatown’s distinguished bustling past.

naumi liora hotel singapore-8

The hotel throughout shows a harmonious balance of contrasting hues such as the vibrant pumpkin orange and chalk grey.

liora hotel-5

liora hotel-13

Located at the lobby is also the ‘Nibbles’ snack bar, where guests are free to munch on the small tidbits provided any time of the day. Oh, there’s coffee too.

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Retaining its true historic spirit, you will notice the creaky original timber flooring and French-styled windows have all been preserved, while rooms had to be constructed around these architectural challenges which produced some interesting results as we shall see.

There are 3 main room categories in Naumi Liora which I’ll introduce:

Liora Quaint

naumi liora quaint room singapore

A window-less room built with the building’s attic integrity in mind, these rooms provide absolute privacy and can be cosy for travelers who want complete isolation to recover from jetlag. Claustrophobic or not, that’s up to individual preference.

Liora Heritage

naumi liora hotel heritage room singapore

The Liora Heritage rooms are either single or double rooms, featuring the vintage French windows as seen throughout the building. Work stations are provided for the business traveler so there’s no reason to slack off even when overseas.

Liora Porch

liora hotel-15

The Liora porch room is where I stayed, with a HUGE adjoining porch overlooking Duxton plains.

liora hotel-18

liora hotel-23

I’m not kidding, there was enough space for a rooftop party here. Perfect for chilling with drinks at night or a casual Nespresso coffee in the sunny afternoon to escape the rush of the city.

liora hotel-16
Due to limited space, there are no luxurious bathtubs here but the bathrooms are adequate enough for your basic needs.

liora hotel-17

The small details like bringing in luxurious New York bathing amenities like C.O Bigelow makes the stay all that much enjoyable despite the compact room size.

liora hotel-19

liora hotel-20

From 6-8pm, guests are also invited to free flow shots of hard liquer as pre-drinks to the night ahead. You could always pop to the 7-11 next door to get some mixers. There are a multitude of amazing bars and restaurants around the Keong Saik and Neil Road area, which is what makes the stay at Naumi Liora so fascinating.

tong ah eating house keong saik

Come morning when the rooster literally starts crowing (serious, there’s one around the corner), there are 2 breakfast options which you will have to decide on beforehand for the appropriate meal coupon.

liora hotel-12

The first option is to go for a good ol’ fashioned Singapore heritage breakfast at Tong Ah Eating House just 1 minute walk down the road.

tong ah eating house singapore
tong ah eating house singapore breakfast

Grilled rectangle white bread with kaya and butter, soft-boiled eggs and coffee – this is the quintessential Singapore breakfast I so dearly love.

the study keong saik road

Breakfast option 2 is to head for a more western styled breakfast at The Study, just beside Naumi Liora hotel. Being the greedy foodie, I had to try both to compare.

liora hotel-21

naumi liora hotel study breakfast

I’m not too sure about their usual menu, but the breakfast buffet spread was pretty lacking – slices of salami and ham, supplier-provided pastries, potato salad, cheese and a couple of juices.

Given that it’s a pretty small place with limited production capabilities, I would still highly recommend to just go for the Singapore-style traditional breakfast at Ah Tong Eating House instead and immerse yourself in Singapore culture.

keong saik road singapore

A holistic boutique hotel experience located within the happening streets of Keong Saik, Naumi Liora provides a stylish stay filled with history. You will be spoilt for dinner and drinking choices, with ample options like Potato Head Folk, Restaurant Ember, L’Aiglon Bar and Roosevelt’s Diner all within walking distance from Naumi Liora hotel.

Service is quaint and friendly due to the small counter team, providing guests with personalized services whenever possible. Definitely one of my favorite boutique hotels in Singapore.

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Expected Damage: From $288++ per night

Naumi Liora Hotel: 55 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089158 | Tel: 6922 9000 | Website