Never Worry About Where To Eat With Asia Collective’s Hungry In Singapore Book + Exclusive Dining Privileges Avail Now

Even with the myriad of food options in Singapore, sometimes I still find myself agonising about where to eat. Surely, I can’t be the only one.

Well, the folks The Asia Collective have come up with a rather ingenious solution to this decidedly first-world problem.

Hungry In Singapore 3
Credit – The Asia Collective

Presenting Hungry In Singapore (S$67 for the hardcopy, S$55 for the e-copy), a little black book housing a curated list of 35 dining spots such as Basque Kitchen by Aitor, Halcyon and Crane and Madame Fan.

Think of Hungry In Singapore as your handy guide when the age-old question of “Where do you want to eat?” comes up.

Hungry In Singapore 6 2

It gets better; valid from August 2019 till 31 July 2020, Hungry In Singapore also offers exclusive dining privileges and dining incentives.

Hungry In Singapore 8

I’m talking complimentary cocktails, additional courses, 1-for-1 privileges and other little goodies to enhance your overall dining experience.

Hungry In Singapore 2 ONLINE
Credit – The Asia Collective

Here is how Hungry In Singapore works, all you have to do is to present the book (either in hard or soft copy) to your waiter along with your unique code. Once your waiter has verified your unique code, you’re good to go and you can order away.

As a note, each privilege can only be enjoyed once. Your unique code will be marked redeemed when you claim these exclusive dining incentives.

Hungry In Singapore 5 ONLINE
Credit – The Asia Collective

If you have any foodie friends, the sleek Hungry In Singapore also makes an excellent gift.

As a treat, SETHLUI readers get 20% off this neat little guide! All you have to do is enter the discount code sethlui20 when you make your purchase!

Date & Time: Dining deals are valid from August 2019 till 31 July 2020

Price: S$67 for the hardcopy and S$55 for the e-copy. Both hardcopy and e-copies are available now from Asia Collective website.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Asia Collective