Aaron Tan

Month-old Yummy Tummy Bakes specialising in curry bomb launches Taiwanese-style mooncakes

Yummy Tummy Bakes was a home-based business known for their unique curry-filled buns that are called 'curry bombs'. Despite being pretty new--- they're slightly...

Changi Village Hawker Centre to undergo 3 month facelift starting 15 Aug 2022

Located next to Changi Village Ferry Terminal, Changi Village Hawker Centre has always been extremely popular among both locals and tourists alike. With the...

Learn how to make minions ang ku kueh launched by Ji Xiang Confectionery

Everyone probably knows about minions--- those yellow jelly bean-looking characters with huge eyes donning denim jumpsuits. With the upcoming movie "Minions: The Rise Of...

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Ex Chef who loves to makan. Music, sports and UV rays fuel me! Nicknamed vampire as I don't seem to look like my age at all.
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