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Udon Komadori: Pesto Udon & Other Fusion Flavours + Free-Flow Salad Bar At Bencoolen St

When it comes to Japanese food, there are three options I always go for — ramen, sashimi and UDON. Naturally, when Udon Komadori hit the streets of...

Spagtacular: Kimchi & Assam Pasta + Homemade Har Cheong Gai Near Clarke Quay

There's nothing better than discovering new restaurants or cafes that have innovative food ideas, like Spagtacular, which is located just a short walk from Clarke Quay. They...

TaiGai’s (台盖) Popular Cheese Milk Crown Fruit Teas From China Are Now Available In NEX

TaiGai 台盖from Shenzhen, China, is finally here in Singapore! They've opened their very first store in September 2018 at NEX in Serangoon. They're well-known for the "盖"...

The Obelisk: Bak Chor Mee Scotch Eggs & Local-Inspired Cocktails In Tanjong Pagar

In search of a new dining experience? The Obelisk, located within the stretch of bars along Tanjong Pagar Road offers more than just cocktails and casual...

IVINS Peranakan: Authentic Nyonya Curry Fishhead & Durian Chendol Near King Albert Park

I'm a sucker for food with strong flavours, so if it's a choice between ban mian or laksa, I would choose the latter. Naturally, I was overcome with...

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