Ashley Pek

Fatburger: Hollywood’s Famous Four-Patty Burgers + Thick Creamy Milkshakes At Novena

The famous Fatburger has opened their doors in Singapore, serving up thick and juicy burgers! With their second outlet opening at Velocity @ Novena Square, we took our...

NCR: Tortellini With Wonton Skin & European Cuisine With An Asian Twist Along North Canal Rd

NCR settles inconspicuously within the rows of shops along North Canal Road.  With simple white walls and tinted windows, the restaurant blends in and looks like...

Tipo: Halal Handmade Garlic, Lemon & More Flavour-Infused Pasta Near Bugis

Throughout the years, I've developed a liking for authentic Italian dishes and places that make their own ravioli. So when I chanced upon Tipo, a halal pasta...

McDonald’s New Hershey’s McFlurry & Ice Cream Now At All Dessert Kiosks Islandwide

McDonald's has recently released a range of Hershey's Chocolatey Hot Fudge cones, Sundae and McFlurry. I once thought nothing could be better than the original McFlurry, but well, this...

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