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MEIDI-YA, Millenia Walk: 10 head-spinning highlights at the 2-storey flagship store

Yes, yes, I’ll admit it: supermarkets give me more serotonin than they should. Since the Japanese supermarket brand, MEIDI-YA, just opened their flagship store...

Pucker up with Mentholatum’s Melty Cream Dessert Lips this festive season

Cracking your brains over what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Here's another season-exclusive idea: Mentholatum's limited edition Melty Cream Dessert Lips (S$30...

Put on your wizard’s thinking hat with CluedUpp’s Witchcraft & Wizardry on 21 Nov

Hankering for a little bit of adventure? UK-based CluedUpp Games has your answer. The virtual gaming studio will be bringing its latest outdoor crime-solving...

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