BAKE Cheese Tarts From Hokkaido Has Landed in Singapore – Best Cheese Tarts Ever


I’m pretty sure by now most of you have caught news of Hokkaido’s famed cheese tart, BAKE, opening up a store in Singapore. Bless these beautiful souls for bringing in such goodness to us. No more watching countless tempting videos of it online and desperately clinging to a wishing bone, hoping it will magically surface in front of us.

Come this 29 April 2016, BAKE’s SouthEast Asia flagship store will officially open, at ION Orchard. It will retail at $3.50 per tart, $19.50 per box of six tarts. The tarts will still stay true to all its ingredients from Hokkaido and it will  be pre-made in their Japan store in Kinotoya, Hokkaido before sending out the cheese tarts everywhere.

Then, they will be freshly baked at the store for customers to then indulge away.


Since starting their first store in July 2011, they’ve sold over 20 million pieces in Japan and all its overseas stores, including Hong Kong, Bangkok and Korea, with Singapore being its fifth overseas store.

Mr. Shintaro Naganuma, the president and CEO of BAKE, is the first son to Kinotoya’s president Akio Naganuma, where they specialise in making sweets. He knew the importance of continuing the family tradition and at the age of 24, got into the trade and has since been working on it, with BAKE being regarded as a baby of his own.

What makes BAKE’s cheese tart so good is their upholding of using only premium ingredients, constantly. We are all well aware of how delicious Hokkaido’s milk is and after trying it for the first time, I’ve been a convert and can never really resort back to drinking our local milk. I kid you not.


In these delectable tarts, the cheese mousse is made from three different kinds of cheese- cheese from Hakodate in Hokkaido, cheese from Betsukai that is more full bodied as compared to the milder Hakodate cheese, as well as another brinier cheese from France.


All three cheese blend together to complement each other, bringing out a savoury and subtly sweet and soft mousse that will pamper your palate.


The cheese mousse is almost marshmallow-like on the outside, fluffy and aerated inside. The first bite into it and you’d taste the savoury factor. Before long, a subtle sweetness will work its way through and you’ll be crying on the inside with joy. The crust is somewhat like a harder version of a sweet bread that blends with the tart to give a velvety and luscious tart.


‘The Best Cheese Tart Ever’. Now in Singapore.

Mmhm, tempting? BAKE will be opening 29 April 2016 at ION.

Expected Damage: $3.50 – $7 per pax

BAKE: 2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard #B4-33, Singapore 238801 | Website


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