10 Best Local Indie Ice Cream Joints in Singapore made in small batches

If you don’t like ice cream I am afraid you are no friend of mine. My love for this timeless sweet, creamy dessert borderlines on unhealthy obsession.

I love discovering and trying ice cream and gelato places all around Singapore, sampling new and seasonal flavors and indulging in my favorite morning, noon and night treat.

In Singapore, I was quickly disheartened once I discovered the price of ice cream sold at the supermarket. I was bound and determined to not let that deter me from beloved confidant, so I was off to discover the best local, small batch, indie ice creams and gelato Singapore has to offer.

1. Milk & Honey

best ice cream - milk and honey

best ice cream - milk and honey

Don’t let copy cats fool you! This sweet institution is only found at HometeamNS and Bedok. Milk & Honey is known for their warm, delicious and unique ‘donut waffles’ topped with any variety of their homemade gelatos. Popular creations include the Mud Ball Pie (cookie monster gelato covered in Oreo crumble) and the Peanut Butter Jelly (Bananut gelato with peanut and chocolate chunks).

If you are looking for something simple, try a cup of their namesake flavor, Milk & Honey, or any of their classic or more unique flavors. Milk & Honey checks all the boxes; local, handmade, passionate about what they do and extremely yummy and satisfying.

Milk & Honey (2 locations): Block 86 Bedok North Street 4, #01-179, Singapore 460086;

Bukit Badok Hometeam NS Clubhouses, 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, #01-01/02/03, Singapore 659003 | Tel: 9786 9754 | Website

2. FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

best ice cream - fat cat

best ice cream - fat cat

With soft, warm waffles and an array of both fan favorite and unique flavors, it’s no wonder FATCAT often has waiting time for a table and additional wait time for your much anticipated order. With over 30 flavors to choose from there is something for everyone – and each flavor is just as good as the next.

Popular choices include the Beer Batter, Sea Salt Matcha, Banana Caramel and Watermelon Soju ice cream.

Put anything on top of a charcoal gourmet waffle with salted egg yolk and you’re in for a treat.

FATCAT: Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25, 460416 | Tel: 6241 0830 | Website

3. Double Scoops

best ice cream - Double Scoops

best ice cream - Double Scoops

Located in Ang Mo Kio, Double Scoops offers homemade, artisianal gelato in a variety of flavors. Popular local favorites include the Sea Salt Gula Melaka, D24 Durian Sorbet and Thai Milk Tea. Double Scoops also offers their gelato in multiple variations that include on top of a classic cone, gourmet waffle, in a shake, float and even paired with espresso.

Double Scoops boasts their gelato is created 100% fresh and uses 0% artificial flavors and ingredients. Yum.

Double Scoops: Block 226A Amk Avenue 1 #01-627 Singapore 561226 | Tel: 6452 0208 | Website

4. The Daily Scoop

best ice cream - the daily scoop best ice cream - the daily scoop

With many locations around Singapore, The Daily Scoop has obviously become an ice cream lovers favorite around the island. With humble beginnings in a small cafe, The Daily Scoop has expanded with daily homemade flavors that are available with a brownie, freshly baked waffle, milkshake, or fizzy soda floats.

Popular flavors include Cha Earl Gray, Lychee Martini and Chili Choc and are all made with natural, local ingredients. Online ordering is also available.

The Daily Scoop (multiple locations): 41 Sunset Way, #01-04 Clementi Arcade,
Singapore 597071 | Tel: 6475 3128 | Website (check website for more locations)

5. Salted Caramel

best ice cream - salted caramel

Sweet, simple and to the point – Salted Caramel makes handcrafted ice cream using no artificial flavors and high quality ingredients. Pair your flavor choice with a with soft, crispy waffle or get a tub for take away to enjoy in the comforts of your own home.

Salted Caramel: 246F Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574370 | Tel: 6753 1718 | Website

6. Creamier

best ice cream - creamier

Creamier is an independent establishment known for serving up tasty treats using their own original recipes and processes. The number of flavors available here is slightly smaller than other places, as Creamier focuses in the tedious process of perfecting their classic, seasonal and very unique limited edition flavors.

They truly embrace the concept of handcrafted goodness, which you can easily taste in all of their ice cream creations.

Creamier: Blk128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-835, Singapore 310128 | Tel: 6250 1476 | Website

7. Udders Ice Cream

best ice cream - udders

best ice cream - udders

One of the pioneers of local ice creams, Udders offers a wide range of ice cream creations from simple scoops to floats to ice cream Christmas log cakes. Some Udders locations also offer a varied food menu making your sweet treat all the more satisfying.

The continued expansion of Udders is a testament to Singaporeans love for this locally grown ice cream parlor. Udders really gets into the spirit of bringing joy to their customers and love what they do.

Udders Ice Cream (multiple locations): #01-11, MyVillage Mall, 1 Maju Ave, Singapore 556679 | Tel: 6452 0803 | Website (check website for more locations)

8. Tom’s Palette

best ice cream - toms palette

best ice cream - toms palette

Tucked away in the back of Shaw Tower S, Tom’s Palette is not one of the more flashy ice cream joints, but their stellar creations and unique flavors speak for themselves.

With weekly specials, this local, small batch creamery offers a wide variety of Singaporean favorites such as black sesame, salted egg yoke and durian plus many, many more. The hidden jem is definitely worth a try.

Tom’s Palette: 100 Beach Road #01-25, Shaw Tower S, Singapore 189702 | Tel: 6296 5239 | Website

9. The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

best ice cream - the icecream and cookie co

There is an increasing trend of boutique dessert suppliers in Singapore that sell their goods wholesale rather than having an individual store or two. The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. is a delicious example of this movement. Getting their start by selling ice cream sandwiches at farmers markets and pop up events, they now sell a full variety of artisanal desserts. Their original ice cream sandwich (which comes in an impressive range of flavors) remains the shining star in my eyes.

Keep your eyes peeled, as I have seen little freezer carts of these sweet treats all around the island from boutique clothing stores to hipster cafes and everywhere in between. Anytime is a good time for an ice cream sandwich if you ask me.

The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. (wholesale supplier):  Available at various cafes, shops and events around Singapore | Tel: 6282 4680 | Website

10. Neh Neh Pops

best ice cream - neh neh pops

Another supplier without a proper store front, Neh Neh pops are as delicious as they are pretty. Neh Neh Pops dress up the standard ice cream popsicle with its double-coated, unique creations such as Rocky Road (complete with Fruity Pebbles cereal), Strawberry Pokie, Mango Sticky Rice and Cherry Cheesecake flavors.

Keep a look out for these pretty pops at they appear for various amounts of time at pop up events and hip eateries such as Artichoke, Common Man Coffee Roasters, The Butchers Club and a variety of special events – you won’t regret it.

Neh Neh Pops (wholesale supplier): Available at various cafes and events around Singapore | Website