16 Beautiful Mille Crepe Cakes in Singapore To Satisfy Your Crepe-pling Hunger

Mille crepe cake, a French term that’s bound to cause a frisson. A kind of heaven made up of numerous, usually 20, layers of thin pancake, lathered with fresh pastry cream. The passion for them is real and steadily growing with each passing day, as with the spots where you can get your hands on them.

I know it can be frustrating to want something so badly but not have any idea where to get them, so I’m here to make your life less worrisome. While crepe cakes can’t magically solve all your problems but it sure can give you momentary blissfulness. The trick is to always be eating a crepe cake at any point of time and here’s 16 spots all over our little red dot where you can get your crepe cake supply from.

16. Crepe Culture

crepe-cake-crepe-culture best mille crepe cake singapore

Matcha Crepe Cake ($58 for a whole cake). With a variety of flavours such as banana chocolate, matcha, vanilla creme brulee, salted caramel and many more, Crepe Culture offers whole mille crepe cakes at an affordable pricing of $58. You can choose to collect it from their outlet or have it delivered to your doorstep for an addition of $16. Birthday messages and other tags can be customised as well and there’s even a loyalty card.

Crepe Culture: Alexandra Village Block 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-172, Singapore 150125 | Tel: +65 9357 6844 | Website

15. Sun With Moon

best mille crepe cake singapore sun-with-moon
Photo: jtwonggg.blogspot.sg

Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake ($7.80). But of course a Japanese dining concept would serve a hokkaido mille crepe. Layers of crepe with luscious chocolate cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup, this is a sort of heaven that can be bought. Crepes are Hokkaido imported, so go on down and have a slice of Hokkaido at Sun With Moon, situated in Wheelock Place.

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining and Concept: Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880 | Tel: +65 6733 6636 | Website

14. Celebrate With Cake

best mille crepe cake singapore crepe-cake-celebrate

Vanilla Crepe Cake ($80 for an 8 inch cake). This is for the lazy ones out there, I hear you. An online cake delivery that is based in Singapore, Celebrate With Cake offers decadent cake at your doorstep and what better news than them offering vanilla and chocolate crepe cake. 25 layers of thin crepe layered with creamy pastry cream made from Madagascan vanilla, you’ll be so spoiled.

If chocolate is your choice, top up $10 for an eight inch cake. There is a delivery charge of $10. If you happen to live around Kovan, why not opt for self-collection at the MRT or Kovan’s Heartland Mall, which is free of course. For more enquiries, email: [email protected].

Celebrate With Cake: Website

13. Everything With Fries

best mille crepe cake singapore everything with fries
Photo: fun-hideout.blogspot.sg

Vanilla Crepe ($6.90). At Everything With Fries, order yourself a banging meal with fries, seasoned with your favourite choice of flavour and pretend to contemplate if you have enough stomach storage space for desserts. After an average duration of 10 seconds you should just stop the pretense and walk straight up to the counter and order yourself a slice of their smooth vanilla crepe cake.

Then sink into the 20 layers of thin crepe slices alternating with vanilla cream that is rich and thick. Now that there are four outlets around Singapore, more cakes for us, yay.

Everything With Fries: Holland Village 40, Lorong Mambong, Singapore 227695 | Tel: +65 6463 3741website

12. Classic Cakes

best mille crepe cake singapore classic-cakes

Original Mille Crepe ($7). Do not belittle this cosy and quaint café. It has garnered the support of various publications and given stellar reviews for being authentic in recipe and, classically yummy. Classic Cakes offers up unique flavours like durian mille crepe, apple mille crepe and many more. What is perhaps most outstanding about Classic Cakes is in how unpretentious a bakery it is, serving up a delish slice of crepe cake.

Owner and baker Charles Quek knows just how important it is for a matcha crepe cake to have a distinct matcha taste, while keeping it proportionately sweet. It is creamy and slightly denser, a good choice for those who prefer a crepe cake that isn’t too sweet. Do check out his savoury chinese radish and yam cakes.

Classic Cakes: 41 Sunset Way #01-06 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071 | Tel: +65 6762 8019 | Website

11. Paris Baguette

Photo: jiaksimipng.wordpress.com

Oh~ My Baby Crepe~ ($8). Served at Paris Baguette, it is somewhat like a strawberry shortcake hybrid. While there isn’t the 20 layers of crepe, there is sponge cake layered within, making it fluffier. If you’re looking for the traditional sort of creamy luscious crepe cake, this isn’t the one for you. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a less creamy version of the crepe cake but do note that it can be on the sweeter side.

Paris Baguette: 435 Orchard Road #02-48/53 Wisma Atria, Singapore 2388877 | Tel: +65 6743 7900 | Website

10. Udders Pancake


best mille crepe cake singapore udders-pancake

Tiramisu and Baileys Crepe Cake ($11.80). I adore Udders Pancake’s interior, it is super adorable. Think cute pikachus in emergency cases. Udders Pancake serves up a few varieties of crepe cake and I got the tiramisu and baileys version. The crepe cake itself is tiramisu flavoured, with an added syringe shot of baileys to be injected, fancy style. The creaminess and coffee flavour combines well with the baileys, giving a rather mean tiramisu dessert.

Udders Pancake: 17 Lorong Kilat, #01-09,Singapore 598139 | Tel:+65 6466 1055 | Website

9. Awfully Chocolate

best mille crepe cake singapore awfully-chocolate

Chocolate Crepe Cake ($9). You can always trust them to dish out a kick ass chocolate dessert, since that is literally what they live for. The crepe cake here is less sweet and has a light cocoa cream. The layers of dark chocolate crepe complements the cream, making it a dessert that doesn’t give the uncomfortable queasy feeling after consuming too much sweet stuff.

Awfully Chocolate: 1 HarbourFront Walk #01-156 VivoCity, Singapore 098585 | Tel: +65 6410 9725 | Website

8. Koskos


best mille crepe cake singapore koskos

Rum and Raisin Crepe Cake ($8.50). Who would have thought there lies a café in the basement of the unassuming Hong Leong Building in Raffles Place. And who would have thought to find a slice of rum and raisin mille crepe cake there, score! Unlike most rum and raisin dessert where you desperately ask yourself where art thou rum-eo, this slice of crepe cake at Koskos will make sure you search no more.

It fills up your entire palate with velvety cream infused with raisins that have been soaked in rum for a substantial amount of time, giving an alcoholic kick for all ye good alcoholics on AA (alcohol anonymous). The crepe layers are slightly thicker, giving a denser texture, a refreshing change from the usuals. But be warned though, it is slightly flimsy so it may or may not get messy while eating.

Koskos: Hong Leong Building, B1-34, 16 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048581 | Tel: +65 6221 6151 | Website

7. Doi Chaang Coffee

best mille crepe cake singapore doi-chaang
Photo: pinkypinggu.com

Matcha & Adzuki Crepe Cake ($6.90). Doi Chaang Coffee, a famed artisan coffee joint from Thailand, opened up its flagship store in Rochester Mall. If you’re a fan of Thai iced coffee like me, you’re in for a treat. While you’re there, you can also get your hands on a slice of crepe cake.

There are various flavours to choose from, like the matcha and azuki crepe cake, mango crepe cake, earl grey and many more. Though it’s overshadowed by the coffee served there, it is worth a visit for the selection of flavours.

Doi Chaang Coffee: 321 Clementi Ave 3 #01-02, Singapore 129905 | Tel: +65 8161 8621 | Website

6. I AM

best mille crepe cake singapore i-am
Photo: suchafatty.com

Rainbow Crepe Cake ($8). Just off the corner on Haji lane lies I AM, a halal café that serves up an exceedingly photogenic rainbow crepe cake. Yes you heard me right. Another aww factor is how the crepe cake is lovingly hand baked by the owner’s mother – anything home baked has that heart-warming touch to it, making it that bit more tasty.

Expect layers of rainbow crepe filled with alternating dark and white chocolate cream that combines well. The dark chocolate offsets the sweetness of the white and provides an interesting mix of flavours with each layer.

I AM: 674 North Bridge Road #01-01, off Haji Lane, Singapore 188804 | Tel:+65 6295 5509 | Website

5. Doutor Coffee

best mille crepe cake singapore doutor-coffee

Mille Crepe ($6). Hailing all the way from Japan, these crepe cakes can be found at Doutor Coffee, nestled inside Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3. Each day, only 40 slices of these sexy boys are on sale and it is no big surprise how highly coveted they are, considering how they are all imported from Japan.

Each slice is luscious and velvety, while remaining light and tasty. Each layers of crepe is thin and combine well with the fresh cream. Yet another good news, it is going at an incredibly affordable price of $6.

Doutor Coffee: 12 Marina Boulevard Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 #01-05, Singapore 018982 | Tel: +65 6604 6082 | Website

4. Champsserie


best mille crepe cake singapore champsserie-rum

Rum and Raisin ($7). Dedicated to selling crepe cakes, this little gem can be found at Westway right opposite Hawpar Villa. Champsserie takes their inspiration from the famed avenue in Paris, Champs Elysees.

I chose the rum and raisin to taste, affirming the alcoholism in me. Though I can’t really discern the rum in it, the crepe cake is creamy and definitely the not-so-sweet of the lot, which is what I like about it. They do stock a variety of flavours as well and their bestsellers are the original, chocolate and tiramisu.

Champsserie: 27 West Coast Highway, Westway Building #01-02, Singapore 117867 | Tel: +65 6779 3560 | Website

3. First Love Patisserie

best mille crepe cake singapore first-love

Matcha Crepe Cake ($8). One of the more comprehensive crepe cake store, they offer a variety of flavours including matcha, chocolate, vanilla and many more. I tried the matcha one and had to wait for it to defreeze for 20 minutes. So purchase it in advance.

The matcha crepe cake is creamy and not too sweet, with a hint of matcha. Though I would have loved for the matcha taste to be stronger. If you’re looking to get a whole cake because a slice is never enough, they are on sale as well. Do note that First Love Patisserie only offers takeaways as they are kiosks.

First Love Patisserie: #B4-63, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801 | Tel: +65 6238 8006 | Website

2. Lady M

best mille crepe cake singapore lady-m

Mille Crepe ($9). Lady M needs no introduction, it has already made its name back in New York and with branches in different countries, their crepe cakes are well recognized. They’re kinda like the Beyonce of crepe cakes and Queen B don’t mess with you. I’ve tried their original, matcha and chocolate crepe cakes.

I found the matcha and original one slightly too creamy and on the sweeter side, which makes for a real indulgence but I prefer mine to be lighter since I’m not that big a fan of cream. The chocolate one though, I really liked it. Only available at the Orchard Central branch, it isn’t as sweet as the other two flavours, owing to the cocoa, a rich yet not over powering slice. Do look out for their new seasonal flavour for 2016, the chocolate banana crepe cake.

Lady M: 1 Fullerton Rd, #01-10 One Fullerton, 049213 | Tel: +65 6820 0830 | Website

1. Henri Charpentier


best mille crepe cake singapore henri charpentier

Mille Feuille ($9). I’m putting it out there, this is literally my favourite crepe cake out of the lot. Right before heading there, I had my doubts about their desserts, whether they were just good at being fancy. When I had my first bite of their crepe cake, I felt incredibly bad for doubting Henri Charpentier. The crepe cake consists of ten layers with a light sponge cake base, giving it more texture and flavour.

Plated with berries and sauce, it is fluffy and satisfying, almost like a creamy strawberry shortcake while remaining light. This is the only available basic flavour for their crepe cake but there are many other desserts on sale. Like their matcha choux pastry, which is totally worth a try as well. Not to mention their impeccable service, polite and helpful, complete with an intricately designed interior that is bound to make you feel like royalty.

Henri Charpentier: 9A Dempsey Rd, 247698 | Tel: +65 6479 5518 | Website