[CLOSED] Singapore’s one & only salted fish briyani + secret menu item in Serangoon

I occasionally love indulging in briyani which bursts with aromatic spices and fragrant basmati rice. When I heard about a salted fish rendition being served at Briyani 47, I was skeptical and intrigued all at once. I knew I had to make my way to New Tech Park at Serangoon to satiate my curiosity.

Briyani 47 serangoon - stall front

I ascended to level 2, where the Foodies’ Clan food court is situated, and immediately noticed Briyani 47 at the corner. This stall offers approximately 9 variations of briyani along with appam.

I proceeded to order the Salted Fish (S$8.50). I watched as head chef, Sharief, spooned basmati grains onto the plate, slathered the rich salted fish curry, and then topped it off with an additional layer of rice.

Briyani 47 serangoon - cutlet closeup

Briyani 47 serangoon - pouring salted fish curry

The dish was served with a side of achar, a piece of deep-fried potato, loads of homemade fried shallots, curry leaves and a whole green chilli padi. Additionally, I added an undisclosed item not listed on the menu (I’ll elaborate on that shortly).

Briyani 47 serangoon - salted fish briyani

The salted fish curry is prepared using ikan kurau, also known as Indian threadfin. The owner’s mum frequently cooks this dish at home, and he believed it would be a unique addition to the menu for Singaporeans.

To my surprise, the combination worked! The saltiness of the fish was balanced out with the aromatic basmati. I could taste the different depths of spices coming from the curry. The deep-fried potato was delightfully fluffy on the inside.

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The tangy achar served as a miniature palate cleanser, helping to cut down the richness of the dish. I absolutely loved the fragrance coming from the homemade fried shallots, which are sliced and fried in-house.

Briyani 47 serangoon - closeup of salted fish

And now, back to the secret item. This stall actually has Fish Cutlet (S$1.50) and Mutton Cutlet (S$1.80) off the menu. However, due to limited availability, customers are only allowed to choose one cutlet per briyani order.

Briyani 47 serangoon - cutlet

Briyani 47 serangoon - cutlet closeup

These petite cutlets bear a resemblance to begedil but are infused with loads of spices and meat. The thin outer coating provides a delicate crunch, while the interior is delightfully soft and fluffy, brimming with aromatic spiced flavours.

We also had the chance to try their Chicken (S$7.50) and Prawn (S$8.50) briyani which were just as good.

Briyani 47 serangoon - prawn briyani

Make your way down to Briyani47 at New Tech Park and try it for yourself!

Bismi Biryani: XXL briyani platters and grilled chicken Kabsa rice with generous portions

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Briyani 47

151 Lorong Chuan, #02-01B , Singapore 556741

Our Rating 4/5

Briyani 47

151 Lorong Chuan, #02-01B , Singapore 556741

Telephone: +65 8223 3224
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8223 3224

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
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