Brother Bird: Beautiful Mochi, Doughnuts and Soft Serve At Bali Lane

Due to a sweet tooth that can never be satisfied, soft serves are top of my dessert lists. However, a creamy soft serve with a mochi doughnut base is a first for me, and Brother Bird serves up various renditions of this dessert!

Now co-existing with Stateland Cafe along Bali Lane, you can find artisan soft serves and different kinds of mochi doughnuts in a beautifully furnished hipster cafe.

Brother Bird loves to do things differently, which is why you’ll find special flavours being introduced weekly. The more unconventional flavours like watermelon sorbet or Gong Cha-inspired flavours have drawn me in.

Having missed the popular Gong Cha flavours, I was feeling sulky but my disappointment was dispelled when I tried the new weekly special — a testament to the fact that no matter when you pop by, you would be in for a treat.

The Cookie Butter Soft Serve with Salted Egg Yolk Mochi Bursts ($15) was our favourite. With the creaminess and the slight tinge of saltiness from the cookie butter, it was heaven in my mouth when combined with the warm black sesame mochi with salted egg yolk sauce.

It wasn’t too sinful for a dessert as the soft serve was rather light and the salted egg yolk sauce wasn’t too jelak.

The mochi bursts are great for “egg porn”-style boomerangs, and also melts in the mouth. Being a huge fan of anything mochi, this was something different that tasted much better than other similar desserts that I’ve tried in Singapore.

I recommend ordering the small mochi burst over the huge mochi doughnut as the huge ring of mochi could get quite filling and overwhelming.

For something less rich, go for the mochi doughnut of the week that rotates with weekly new flavours. We got to try the Roasted Barley Tea Soft Serve with Home-made Maple Granola and Honey on a Mochi Doughnut ($14).

The soft serve came with an exquisite Korean barley tea taste that was instinctive for my taste buds (especially since I’m a huge Korean food fan). I loved how it was more of a sorbet than a creamy ice cream and was well suited for my palate with the extra crunch from the cinnamon-loaded granola and honey.

If you’re in luck, the flavour may be back on rotation when you visit! Just trust that at Brother Bird, you can be sure that the dessert will still be satisfactory.

Well that’s the fun of it though right? You are in for a surprise with every visit. I’ve heard rumours that this weekly special may not last for much longer though, so you should head down to Bali Lane soon. 

Besides the great food, the ambience in the cafe made my visit even sweeter. The warm interior with metal fittings and a rustic feel created a cozy and casual environment for a chill afternoon or a cute date.

If you make reservations for dinner, head upstairs to enjoy the beautifully decorated patio that has the perfect setting for a date night.

I will surely be back for the desserts as I loved the unconventional flavours and combinations. The popular soft serves are also available with waffles of various flavours and in a cup, but if you’re a first timer, give the special mochi doughnuts a try.

Expected damage: $14 – $20 per person

Brother Bird Softserve Co. : 32A Bali Lane, Stateland Cafe, Singapore 189868 | Tel: +65 9800 7628 | Opening Hours: (Mon) 12pm – 10pm, (Tues) 6pm – 10pm, (Wed – Sun) 12pm – 10pm | Facebook | Instagram