Where to eat: 12 celebrity-owned food places you never knew about

Fancy bumping into Singapore celebrities during your meal? Well it could happen if you visit these celebrity-owned food outlets.

Albeit the hectic work schedules, there has been an increasing trend of celebrities engaging in sideline businesses such as fashion, beauty & wellness, fitness, and education. You name it, they have it. There seems to be an upward trend of them dabbling in the F&B scene—are they really up for the challenge in this competitive industry? Here’s a compilation of 12 celebrity-owned food places for you to check out. 

1. Soi Candy

Interior of Celebrity-owned restaurant, Soi Candy

The brainchild of host-cum-entrepreneur, Irene Ang, Soi Candy is a modern celebrity-owned Thai bistro situated along Tanjong Pagar that stood out among its neighbours all thanks to its young, youthful vibe.

A plate of Spicy Chang Rai Minced Pork With Aromatic Thai Herbs

Here, their Spicy Chang Rai Minced Pork With Aromatic Thai Herbs (S$12.90) stood out with its herbaceous aroma alongside the spicy bites of minced meat that were as addictive as they were fiery. If you are up for the challenge, eat it as it is. Otherwise, pair it with the side of raw cabbage or cucumbers for that bite of freshness to minimise the effects of their sweat-inducing chilli. 

A plate of Fresh Sea Bass

Elsewhere, the restaurant’s Fresh Sea Bass (S$29.90 to S$35.90, dependent on size) makes for a great complement with the minced pork. Baked in a sea salt crust, the Fresh Sea Bass was moist and so lightly seasoned, you are almost able to taste the waters it once swam in.

Before your hands itch to dip the fish into the sauces by the side, try the seabass on its own to fully savour its juicy natural sweetness. Thereafter, feel free to go wild with the red chilli sauce for a sweet-spicy touch or the green chilli sauce if you prefer that tad of acidity in your dish. 

20 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088443
+65 8875 3095
Tue to Sun: 11.30am – 3pm & 5pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Mon
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2. Hungry Korean

Hungry Korean is ex-MediaCorp artist Cassandra See’s new endeavour into the F&B scene and since its opening, the business has gained a cult following owing to her fame.

Cassandra See's celebrity-owned restuaurant

Don’t expect authentic Korean dishes here. Instead, take your tastebuds on a journey with the eatery’s interpretation of affordable mod-Korean cuisine specially curated to suit the local palate. 

A serving of Fried Chicken Burger from celebrity-owned restaurant, Hungry Korean

One such dish is their Fried Chicken Burger (S$6.80), a hefty stack featuring a thiccc slab of fried chicken completed with layers of fresh lettuce, yellow onions, tomatoes and a fried egg, sandwiched between the buttery toasted burger buns. Deep-fried to a gorgeous golden brown, the juicy chicken paired faultlessly with the sunny side up which enhanced the umami-ness in every bite. 

A serving of Baby Rib Stew with Garlic Bread from celebrity-owned Hungry Korean

Fried Chicken Burger aside, the Baby Rib Stew With Garlic Bread (S$11.90) was another stellar dish at Hungry Korean that left me smiling from ear to ear. In its depths were generous chunks of baby back ribs sitting on cubes of white radishes and carrots that were braised to a fault. Surrounding the stew were warm slices of garlic bread, kissed with a slight toasty char. Here, the ribs play a leading role, sliding off its bones with a mere tug from my teeth. If there is just one dish to order here, this would definitely be it. 

Block 57 Geylang Bahru, #01-3521, Singapore 330057
Tue to Sun: 12pm – 9pm
Closed on Mon
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3. Ali Nachia Eating House

Exterior of celebrity-owned, Ali Nachia Eating House

Helmed by former national footballer Rafi Ali, Ali Nachia Eating House is a celebrity-owned eatery at Hoe Chiang Road dishing out platter after platter of biryani.

A serving of Mutton Biryani

Their Mutton Biryani (S$8) was a generous plate of fragrant basmati rice, served with a hefty portion of mutton and tangy curry. The mutton was perfectly tender and tore off the bone in neat strips, with several spots of fat that added a nice chewy texture.

A serving of Fish Biryani from celebrity-owned, Ali Nachia Eating House

Like us, if you are lucky enough, do also try their special Fish Biryani (S$8) when it’s available. This impressive platter featured a baked Angoli fish (a variety of snapper) nestled in a bed of aromatic long-grained rice. The fish was satisfyingly crispy on the outside while retaining the softness of its flesh.

If you intend to make a trip here, remember to come on an empty stomach because the servings here will definitely fill you up!

9 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089314
+65 9389 2615
Mon to Sat: 10.30am – 2.15pm
Closed on Sun

4. FRY Rooftop Bistro & Bar

Rooftop dining area of celebrity-owned, FRY Rooftop Bistro & Bar

Situated along Club Street, FRY Rooftop Bistro & Bar is a celebrity-owned rooftop eatery along the shophouses of Club Street set up by Irene Ang before Soi Candy. With such an amazing view of Singapore’s skyline, it is no wonder that the actress frequents the place regularly and even describes it as her ‘home away from home’.

A serving of Auntie Ang's Wings

What better pairing is there than chicken wings with a bottle of ice-cold beer? During your visit, savour the bistro’s all-time crowd favourites, Auntie Ang’s Wings (S$16). Specially created and honed to perfection by Irene’s mother herself, these wings will make for an addictive bite, hitting you at the right spots especially when eaten with the house-made belachan served by the side. 

96B Club Street, Singapore 069464
+65 8418 5995
Mon to Sat: 4pm – 11pm
Closed on Sun
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5. Clickafood SG

Interior of celebrity-owned, Clickafood SG

Brought to us by singer-songwriter, Hong Jun Yang, Clickafood SG is a celebrity-owned commercialised kitchen that serves four different types of cuisine situated in Upper Paya Lebar. As a central space for a few concepts, each menu under Clickafood boasts four refreshing cuisines—Fig & Fiddle for Western, Korean Mama for Korean, Thaitanium for Thai, and 168 for local.

A serving of Thaitanium Fried Rice

Here, the eatery’s Thaitanium Fried Rice (S$12.90) was a plate that more than exceeded expectations. The dish possessed just the right amount of wok hei and seasoning while remaining moist enough to stay appetising. Overall, a plate of fried rice that would, we would dare say, make Uncle Roger proud.

Otherwise, the Mini Andong Jjimdak (S$9.90) will also delight simply because of how delicious and comforting it is. Although the smaller portion also means less of the good stuff, the stew remained flavourful, filled with juicy chicken and hearty root vegetables. 

339 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534953
Daily: 11am – 9pm
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6. Dan’s Steak

Picture of Daniel Ong infront of celebrity-owned restaurant, Dan's Steak

An idea that came about during Phase 1 of ‘Circuit Breaker’, Dan’s Steak is Daniel Ong’s latest endeavour into Singapore’s F&B scene. Located in Serangoon Gardens, this celebrity-owned Korean-inspired steakhouse serves up large, delicious steaks aimed to tickle the fancy of all meat-loving Singaporeans. 

A serving of grass-fed steak from Dan's Steak

For an amazingly tender, lean, succulent and elegant cut of beef, opt for the Tenderloin (S$42). Sous vide and seared to perfection, this dish will surely charm diners with its natural flavours—a delight eaten alone or alongside condiments such as mustard or garlic confit.

Not an avid beef eater? Worry not as Dan’s Steak also serves a decadent plate of Miso Salmon (S$24), Bone-in Pork Rib Chop (S$29) and Korean Jerk Chicken Thigh (S$17). Be it seafood or meat, take your pick!

12 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556690
+65 9838 8147
Tue to Sun: 5pm – 10pm
Closed on Mon
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7. Nam Heong Ipoh

After bringing in the famous Old Town White Coffee, Mark Lee has once again worked his magic. This time around, it’s one of Malaysia’s most renowned chained diner, the 60-year-old Nam Heong Ipoh

Exterior of celebrity-owned, Nam Heong Ipoh

Situated in 313@Somerset, Nam Heong Ipoh has got to be one of the most affordable dim sum eateries in Orchard Road. 

Nam Heong Egg Tart

Classic dim sum picks such as the Superb Siew Mai (S$3.50), Supreme BBQ Bun (S$3.90) and Radish Cake (S$3.80) aside, Nam Heong Ipoh’s Singapore outlet also features some of their signature bites like the Ipoh Kaya Puff (S$1.50) and Nam Heong Egg Tart (S$1.80)

A serving of Prawn Mee from Nam Heong Ipoh

Otherwise, for more substantial plates, opt for their Prawn Mee (from S$4.20) or Assam Laksa (from S$4.20). Unlike their Singapore-style counterparts, these bowls of noodles promise a taste of Malaysia that is sure to excite your palate!

313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, Food Republic Stall 23, #05-01/02/03, Singapore 238895
+65 8813 1344
Daily: 11am – 8pm
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8. Teabrary

Vivian Lai in celebrity-owned Teabrary

Founded by Mediacorp artist Vivian Lai back in 2018, celebrity-owned Teabrary currently boasts outlets not only in Singapore but also in Taiwan, China, Cambodia, and Myanmar. With the team’s in-depth knowledge of over 1,000 tea varieties and optimal brewing techniques for each tea type, fusion teas here come as an art form, with the aim to delight customers, both young and old.  

Teabrary's Milk Tea with Pudding

If you enjoy the subtle fragrance of tea leaves, Teabrary’s Taiwan Jin Xuan Oolong (S$3.90) will tickle your fancy with its delicate whiff of jasmine served in a beautiful cylindrical water bottle. Otherwise, for dessert-like teas, opt for their Milk Tea with Pudding (S$4.90)—a smooth and robust concoction of milky assam tea served above a bed of custard pudding with a slurpable texture.

Toastea set sold at Teabrary

Beverages aside, Teabrary has also launched their Toastea Sets (from S$8.90). For a light lunch or snack option, pair a delectable Teriyaki Chicken or Smoked Salmon sandwich with your choice of drink for a quick perk-me-up!

Refer to outlets, contact numbers and opening hours here
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9. IKKI Izakaya

Helmed by celebrity restaurateur Adam Chen, IKKI Izakaya wins the hearts of diners with its fresh authentic Japanese bar snacks and bites. 

A serving of Boston Maki from celebrity-owned IKKI Izakaya

Winding down after a long day of work? Why not pair your glass of Japanese beer with the eatery’s Boston Maki (S$15) or Ebi Mayo Maki (S$10)? Filled with prawn tempura, both these makis promise a delightful mix of texture and flavours with freshly fried prawns and beautifully steamed rice. 

Two different rice bowls served at IKKI Izakaya

Elsewhere, IKKI Izakaya’s Stir Fried Ginger Pork Don (S$8) and Chicken Teriyaki Don (S$8) makes for affordable yet hearty meals for either lunch or dinner, great options that are bound to fill your belly and satisfy your craving for a nice Japanese meal.

9 North Buona Vista Drive, #01-06/ 07, Singapore 138588
+65 8138 8578
Mon to Fri: 11am – 11pm
Sat: 6pm – 11pm
Closed on Sun
Facebook | Instagram | Website

10. Gogiyo

Exterior of celebrity-owned, Gogiyo

Actor Shane Pow’s endeavour into Singapore’s F&B industry, Gogiyo aims to serve diners with popular Korean delicacies at hawker prices. 

A variety of rice bowls such as the Pork Belly Torched Bowl (S$8.50) and Spicy Kimchi Chicken Bowl (S$6.50) aside, the eatery is also popular for its array of army stews and street BBQ. For a classic pick, opt for their Signature Army Stew (from S$19.90) or the Classic Lover BBQ (from S$27.90)

Gogi Lover BBQ from Gogiyo

Otherwise, if you are a meat lover, the Gogi Lover BBQ (from S$26.90) will surely delight you with its pork belly slices, spicy chicken, and bulgogi beef!

978 Toa Payoh North, #02-01, Singapore 319001
Daily: 11am – 10.30pm
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11. Famous Pao Fan

Chew Chor Meng infront of his celebrity-owned hawker, Famous Pao Fan

A familiar face in Singapore’s F&B industry is actor Chew Chor Meng. After his successful The Famous Zhou and 888 Mookata, he is back with Famous Pao Fan, a hawker stall serving bowls of comforting steamed rice seeped in a savoury broth. 

A serving of Lobster Pao Fan

The menu here is simple and straightforward with only seven pao fan and three side dishes. First-timers should give their signature Lobster Pao Fan ($16) a try. This bowl comes with a whole lobster bobbing in a savoury broth with cooked rice, topped with egg floss and rice puffs.

Otherwise, for a less opulent option, the Kurobuta Pork With Lala Pao Fan ($8) will also make for a great alternative especially since it is filled with the natural sweetness from the pork-and-clams concoction.

100 Jalan Sultan, Sultan’s Kitchen Food Court, #01-06/07, Singapore 199001
Daily: 10.30am – 8.30pm
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12. Kelaté

For a taste of true-blue Kelantanese fare, head to Kelaté at Toa Payoh—Malaysia actress Sasqia Dahuri’s stepping stone into the island’s F&B industry. 

A serving of Laksam from Kelate

A classic dish that showcases the state’s unique culinary style is none other than Laksam (from S$4.90), a plate of freshly-made rice noodle rolls drenched in a milky coconut-based gravy. Here, the rich and thick white gravy was a work of art on its own. Made primarily with ikan kembung and coconut milk, every mouthful exuded the natural sweetness from the fish alongside the creaminess from the coconut. 

A serving of mee celup from Kelate

Elsewhere, Kelaté’s Mee Celup (from S$4.90) was a bowl that resembled mee soto. Sweet, savoury, and salty, it’s an embodiment of Kelantanese cuisine that tastes just as though it had been prepared straight out of a home kitchen. 

93 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, Singapore 311093
Fri to Wed: 3.30am – 9.30pm
Closed on Thu
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