Shake it up with Coco.Cado’s newest durian, avocado & nutella shakes

Given all the coconut shake brands that have sprung up over the past year, I was surprised to hear of the latest coconut shake contestant to enter the ring: Coco.Cado.

Its unique selling point: all of its shakes are crafted with fresh fruits with no added sugar, making it a healthy alternative to everyone’s favourite but sinful coconut shake.


Coco.Cado has two outlets at the moment: Paragon and JEM, making it pretty accessible to grab one of its healthy shakes. In fact, Coco.Cado is derived from combining two words: coconut and avocado. This is because it uses fresh coconut or avocado to craft most of its drinks, such as Coco Cado Shake, Cado Durian Fresh Milk and Cado Cempedak Fresh Milk.

A peek at its menu revealed that all of its drinks fall between the S$4.30 to S$6 range. Considering it uses fresh ingredients such as durian, matcha and cempedak to make its drinks, I’d say it’s well worth a try.

Not to mention, its packaging is downright adorable. Just look at those wings!

The instant I poked my straw into the Cado Durian Fresh Milk (S$6), the smell of pungent durian filled the air. Thankfully, I’m a huge fan of durian, so I dove right in.

Coco.Cado did a fantastic job with this refreshing drink. It was creamy yet light and I loved that it wasn’t sweet at all. Despite the overpowering flavour profile of the durian, I could taste the subtle earthiness of the avocado towards the end of the sip.

This is definitely a drink that I’d order again if I was ever in the mood for a durian shake.

I also tried its signature Coco.Cado Shake (S$5.50), which is made with fresh coconut flesh and juice, coconut ice cream and avocado.

This blended treat was decadent and rich, without being overly sweet. I liked that there were little bits of blended coconut and that there was a nice nuttiness to balance out all that tropical sweetness.

For chocolate fans, be sure to try its Coco Nutella Shake (S$6). Alternatively, if you prefer floral or fruity drinks, go for its Cado Rose Fresh Milk (S$5.50) or Coco Passion Fruit Fresh Milk (S$5.30). You can also add toppings such as Nata Original Jelly (S$0.60) or Strawberry Pops (S$1.20).

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