Ultimate Cold Brew Delivery Guide: 29 Places to Get Your Coffee & Tea

I know, where would we be without our cup of joe? Some of us are can’t function before our morning caffeine. While I’m ecstatic that dining out is an option again, some of us are still working at home and need our daily cup of coffee.

Thankfully, many of our go-to coffee places have got us coffee addicts covered with delivery bundles. To keep us on our toes, the coffee runs the gamut from manuka honey coffee to sea salt caramel cold brew—the world is your cuppa. Plus, there are some non-caffeinated drinks thrown in, if you get a little bored with coffee (but how could you ever?).

With so many places offering coffee delivery, it can get confusing. Not to worry, we have rounded up a good list of coffee deliveries and thrown in some matcha places for good measure! Get ready for that caffeine rush, because here are 29 places to get your caffeine fix!

1. Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

Coffee Listicle Online 1 2
Credit – Mosanco Enchanted Cafe

We’ll kick things off with one of the iconic sets that have dominated everyone’s Instagram feed. The famous Snow White and 7 Dwarfs set of drinks from Mosanco Enchanted Cafe should be on everyone’s bucket list when it comes to coffee deliveries.

Their set of drinks consists of over four different types of caffeinated cold brews; White, Black, Mocha and Matcha Latte. And for those who prefer non-caffeinated beverages, have your pick between the Rose Chocolate, Chocolate, and Matcha.

Each bottle goes for S$6.90 but their Snow White and 7 Dwarfs set only comes up to S$50, which is a steal if you ask me!

Another great thing about Mosanco Enchanted Cafe is that it operates 24 hours daily so that you can have coffee any time of the day. For the ultimate brunch combo, you can pair your drinks with items such as the moreish Crab Meat Croissant (S$13) or an anti-oxidant-rich Acai Bowl (S$12).

All their drinks are cold-brewed, which means they are concentrated and more intense. The Bandung (S$6.90) has to be the most intriguing flavour if you ask me. As a rather nostalgic drink with a vibrant pop of colour, it’s going on my list for sure.

There is a S$5 delivery charge, and free delivery for orders above S$60.

Mosanco Enchanted Cafe: Order online | Tel: +65 8813 1086 | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

2. Bootstrap Beverages

Bootstrap Beverages Cold Brew Coffee Tea 15

Bootstrap Beverages specialises in cold brew coffee, which some might argue is the only drink you need. They use 100% Arabica beans sourced from family-run farms in Bali and Singapore, then brewed and bottled fresh in Singapore.

I love a good subscription plan, and Bootstrap Beverages’ Bootstrap Mix Pack (S$35) is perfect for those that want to dip their toes what Bootstrap has to offer. Not to mention, free shipping!

This pack consists of six drinks: Signature Black Coffee, High-Performance Strong Black Coffee, Dairy-free Oat Milk Coffee, Fresh Milk and Manuka Honey Coffee, Rooibos Orange Tea and Hojicha Tea.

Bootstrap Beverages Cold Brew Coffee Tea 13

A cold brew with a twist, we particularly like the Bootstrap Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey (S$6.50 per bottle/one-time purchase, S$4.63 per bottle/subscription with promo). This is Bootstrap Beverages’ signature cold brew with 100% fresh milk, and a drizzle of organic New Zealand manuka honey.

Surprisingly, this was not as sweet as one would expect. The manuka honey brought out the velvety sweetness in the coffee and milk, smoothing over the bitter edge of the coffee.

Bootstrap Beverages Cold Brew Coffee Tea 9

If you are not a coffee drinker, then try the Bootstrap Cold Brew Hojicha Tea  (S$5.50 per bottle/one-time purchase, S$3.91 per bottle/subscription with promo) or the Bootstrap Cold Brew Rooibos Orange Tea (S$5.50 per bottle/one-time purchase, S$3.91 per bottle/subscription with promo). 

Bootstrap Beverages also use 100% recyclable glass bottles, and they even have a system for the collection and recycling of used bottles.

Bootstrap Beverages: Order onlineWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

3. Parallel: Açaí and Coffee

Coffee Delivery Online 1

Parallel: Açaí and Coffee was probably one of the first few joints to start the coffee delivery when the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period started. Parallel specialises in cold brew, so whether you like it Black, White or with oat milk, they’ve got you. A pack of six starts from S$25, with a delivery fee of S$5. 

Parallel has also recently added Mocha into the mix. If you like Parallel, you can even choose to subscribe to either weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions. I’m all for these subscriptions since they are more cost-effective, and you still get your daily dose caffeine.

Parallel: Açaí and Coffee: Order online | Tel: +65 9750 8997 | Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Old Hen Coffee Bar

Coffee Delivery Online 2

Old Hen Coffee Bar is where you’ll find handcrafted speciality coffee that is creamy and thick. Apart from the usual Cold Brew Coffee (Smooth Black and Smooth White), Old Hen also has their Cold Matcha Milk for anyone looking for a change.

I’m particularly interested in Old Hen’s Cold Dark Cocoa (S$7.90), which features the cream of the crop Valrhona dark cocoa with milk. After all, there’s nothing chocolate can’t fix.

Coffee Delivery Online 3

Sometimes, good things come in large packages. So, you’ve got to appreciate Old Hen’s Cold Brew Coffee (White) in a fantastic one-litre bottle because there can never be too much coffee.

In serious need of coffee? Old Hen Coffee has an express delivery for orders above S$55 with a flat S$10 delivery charge for same-day delivery.

If you’d like to try some of Old Hen’s wares, you can find more about their online ordering.

Old Hen Coffee: Order online | Tel: +65 9750 8997 | Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. Percolate Coffee

Percolate Coffee is where you’ll find a curation of exceptional and other artisanal coffee products. Located in the heartlands of Bedok, this is for the serious coffee drinker.

Coffee Delivery Online 4

Percolate offers up to six flavours for their bottled drinks which includes Iced White, Iced Brown, Oat Milk Latte, Iced Matcha and Iced Cocoa in 300ml bottle, starting from S$45. These drinks also come in varying packs from 6, 12, 18, and 24 bottles.

For those who want to send some love to your coffee-loving friends, the Percolate Care Package (S$65) is sure to get you in their good books. There is the “Tasters” package with two bottles each of Iced White, Iced Brown, Iced Oat Milk Latte, Iced Matcha and one Percolate Totebag.

Coffee Delivery Online 5

For me, I’ll be looking at the Percolate Care Package XL which has Iced White, Iced Brown and Iced Matcha but in a glorious XL bottle.

Percolate Coffee: Order online | Facebook | Instagram | Website

6. Narrative Coffee Stand

Narrative Coffee Stand 11

Part of the third-wave of coffee houses, Narrative Coffee Stand is a minimalistic coffee house that sits in the heart of Bugis.

Narrative Coffee Stand places a significant focus on the sourcing and quality of their beans, especially ensuring that they are sustainable. Helmed by Thong, the beans he provides are all single-origin, to make sure that the identity and authenticity are not lost as compared to a blend.

Cofee Delivery Listicle Online 34

Having recently transitioned to glass bottles, Narrative Coffe Stand has a lean menu of drinks available, from the ever-popular Cold Brew (Black)  (S$6.50) to their Chilled Hojicha (S$7.50). Or if you are feeling a little adventurous, the Coffee Kombucha (S$8) would be worth a try.

All you have to do is to drop Narrative Coffee Stand a message with the relevant details, and you’ll have coffee in no time. There is a minimum spend of S$15 and a flat fee of S$7 for delivery. For orders over S$30, you can get complimentary delivery.

Narrative Coffee Stand: Tel: +65 9180 2937 | FacebookInstagram

7. Alchemist

Alchemist 6

Alchemist is probably a familiar sight for those who work in the CBD area, with two outlets located in International Plaza and Hong Leong Building.

Cofee Delivery Listicle Online 35

You can order your coffee in these snazzy cans but hold on, these are not cold brew coffee. These are made from scratch by the baristas at Alchemist using fresh espresso as a base. Since coffee deteriorates the moment it is ground, you can rest assured that canned coffee from Alchemist top-notch stuff.

Alchemist has three flavours: Another White, A Typical Mocha and Frutti Pebbles. These come in a bundle of 6 for S$36 or 10 for S$60. For beginners, I suggest Another White, which is a sweet, white creamy coffee with hints of nuts and cocoa and caramel. If not, Frutti Pebbles is a fruit-forward version of their creamy white coffee that is sure to do the trick!

Alchemist delivers by zones, and there is a S$5 flat delivery fee, so be sure to check out which one you want.

Alchemist: Order online | Tel: +65 9180 2937 | FacebookInstagramWebsite

8. Candour Coffee

Coffee Delivery Online 8

Variety is Candour Coffee’s strength. Their bevvy of drinks run the gamut from coffee lattes to tea lattes to cold brew tea. With such a pretty kaleidoscopic collection, I can’t help but fawn over the drinks.

Candour Coffee is about bringing Melbourne’s speciality coffee scene to our own, so there is a focus on ensuring quality beans. Apart from their coffee drinks, I would love to get my hands on their Cold Brew Japanese Hōjicha and their Cold Brew Peach Oolong. 

Refreshing and crisp, they would be perfect thirst quenchers on a hot day. All of Candour Coffee’s drinks are going at S$6.50 each at 300ml and nicely serves two. You can place your order through their Instagram, and there is free islandwide delivery with an order of more than six bottles.

Candour Coffee: Order online | Tel: +65 8923 3982 | FacebookInstagram

9. Butler Koffee

Coffee Delivery Online 30

Butler Koffee is a mobile coffee cart service founded by Alicia Yap.

She discovered her love for speciality coffee while working in the coffee shops in the UK as a hospitality student. Buttler Koffee combines two of Alicia’s passions: a passion for service and coffee.

Cofee Delivery Listicle Online 38 2

Butler Koffee carefully curates a blend of 100%  Arabica coffee beans, while the team of expert baristas utilises state of the art coffee equipment for that stellar cuppa. The lean but mean menu consists of White, Black, Mocha and Chocolate drinks. Each bottle comes up to S$8 per bottle or S$7.50 per bottle with a bundle of five.

Amongst these drinks, I quite enjoyed the White (S$8) which was a white cold brew. With a velvety smooth sip and a nutty finish, you’re not accosted by a blinding hit of caffeine. There is S$10 flat fee for delivery islandwide with no minimum order, and you can place your order three days in advance.

Butler Koffee: Order online | Tel: +65 9326 3726 | FacebookInstagramWebsite

10. Kopi Boy

Coffee Delivery Online 10

For those looking for the quintessential kopi, look no further than Kopi Boy.

Their Authentic Kopi (S$5 for 300ml, S$15 for 1 litre) will probably give your favourite coffee chain a run for their money. You have to appreciate that the coffee is also sweetened with condensed milk, which—between you and me—is all the more reason to drink some more coffee.

Coffee Delivery Online 11

Other notable creations include the Red Velvet Latte (S$5 for 300ml, S$15 for 1 litre). Made for those who love cakes, I think this has to be the ultimate indulgence.

I have to say Kopi Boy’s prices have to be one of the more affordable ones out there. With top-notch coffee and such attractive prices, you know where to go to get your coffee fix.

All you have to do is place an order through their Google form, and you’ll have rainbow-coloured drinks in no time.

Kopi Boy: Tel: +65 9180 2937 | Instagram

11.Workshop Espresso

Coffee Delivery Online 12

There is nothing like sipping a cold brew on a sweltering afternoon.

Workshop Espresso aims to be a refuge for busy professionals. Boasting a single-origin signature roast, their beans are thoughtfully and carefully sourced.

Workshop Expresso’s cold brew is made in small batches, and a bundle of six Black Cold Brew starts at S$38. What’s more, you can even order Brownies Bundles (from S$20) to complement your coffee. Now, that’s an afternoon made.

Workshop Espresso: Order online |Tel: +65 6538 0848 | FacebookInstagramWebsite

12. Dutch Colony Co.

Coffee Delivery Online 14

Dutch Colony Co. is a household name when it comes to coffee and Sunday brunch. You know that these folks are serious about their coffee, so their chilled drinks are no exception.

You can find a simple and straightforward selection of Chilled Black (S$8.50), Chilled White (S$9.50 for 500ml, S$18 for 1 litre), Chilled Chocolate (S$9.50) and Chilled Matcha (S$10.50 for 500ml, S$19 for 1 litre)

Coffee Delivery Online 13

I don’t know about you, but I’m snagging some of those 1-litre bottles. Dutch Colony Co. has limited quantities on these bottles, so order ahead of time if you can. The large bottles are available for pre-order, and you have to do is Whatsapp the individual stores.

Dutch Colony Co.: Order online | Tel: +65 6281 0710 | FacebookInstagram | Website

14. The Glasshouse: Specialty Coffee and Toast Bar

Coffee Delivery Online 15

The Glasshouse: Speciality Coffee and Toast Bar is the complete package, with artisanal coffee and menu full of Instagram-worthy brunch items.

Their bottled drinks range from the classic Black Cold Brew (S$8 for 300ml) and Oat Cold Bew (S$8 for 300ml). Or if you would love some good ole’ probiotics, so you’re glowing and flowing, you can try Limited Handcrafted Kombucha (S$10 for 300ml). 

For those with a sweet tooth, the Matcha White Chocolate (S$9 for 300ml) is sure to satisfy any craving.

You can opt for either pick-up or delivery from The Glasshouse and get free delivery for orders above S$70.

The Glasshouse: Speciality Coffee and Toast Bar: Order online | Tel: +65 900 3237 | FacebookInstagram | Website 

15. Anteroom Coffee Brewers

Coffee Delivery Online 16

Another cult favourite, Anteroom Coffee Brewers is a darling little brunch and coffee spot in Leedon Heights. Anteroom Coffee Brewers have three of the quintessential bottled beverages—Black (S$6 for 180ml), Regular White (S$6 for 180ml) and Oat White (S$6.50 for 180ml). 

These drinks are brewed with naturally processed beans from Brazil Fazenda Morada, derived from the region of Sul de Minas. With notes of caramel, honey and hazelnuts, expect a balanced cup of coffee.

These bottles also come in a bundle of four with the Black and Regular White at S$22 while the Oat White will come up to S$24.

Anteroom Coffee Brewers: Order online |Tel: +65 9656 7610 | FacebookInstagram

16. Gather The Misfits

Cafe by day bar by night, Gather the Misfits serves up a killer range of artisanal coffee that you can have in the comfort of your home.

Coffee Delivery Online 17

Choose from the Cold Brew Black (S$7), Milk Coffee (S$7) or Mocha (S$7), all brewed with quality beans from Ethiopia that is sure to guarantee a smooth and sweet finish.

If tea is your thing, Gather the Misfits has got your covered. From Milky Hojicha (from S$7), Milky Genmaicha (from S$7) to the French Earl Grey Latte (S$7), it going to be a tea-rrific afternoon.

Plus, if you order six bottles, there is a 10% discount and free delivery islandwide.

Gather The Misfits: Order online | Tel: +65 9298 7291 | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

17. Strangers’ Reunion

Cofee Delivery Listicle Online 37

Another one on the coffee checklist has to be the drinks from Strangers’ Reunion.

This pioneer ‘hipster’ cafe has a focused menu of three drinks. Aptly named White Magic (S$6.90), this white cold brew promises to be exactly what caffeine is to so many to us—magic.

Cofee Delivery Listicle Online 36

If there is anything better than coffee, it’s chocolate. Strangers’ Reunion Sea Salt Chocolate (S$6.90) is sure to make everything better. These drinks also come in bundles of six at S$38.

Strangers Reunion: Order online |Tel: +65 6222 4869 | FacebookInstagram | Website 

18. Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar

Cofee Delivery Listicle Online 38

Just like Strangers’ Reunion, Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar was also one of the pioneers of speciality coffee. Their Roastery offers a glimpse into how the ordinary green coffee bean gets transformed into the rich dark coffee bean we know and love.

As for their coffee deliveries, Chye Seng Huat offers care packages of 6-pack White or Black Cold Brew in these stylish bottles for S$45. To complete your order, pop in several of their bakes as you check out and it’s your afternoon tea settled.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar: Order online | Tel: +65 6396 0609 | FacebookInstagram | Website 

19. Amber Ember

Coffee Delivery Online 19

Another chic and Insta-worthy cafe is Amber Ember. Amber Ember keeps it lean for their bottled beverages, with their Cold Shoulder (S$8) which is their signature white cold brew. If you are feeling indulgent, then you can get their Cold Shoulder Chocolate (S$9) which is spiked with a much-needed shot of chocolate. Coffee and chocolate—what’s not to like?

Amber Ember usually has pre-orders for their Cold Shoulder, so make sure you check out their Instagram page for updates so you won’t be disappointed.

Amber Ember: Order online | Tel: +65 6926 3312 | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

20. The Coffee Roaster

The Coffee Roaster Story 36

The Coffee Roaster is helmed by the passionate Ang Swee Heng who started the business when he was a student in NUS. Truly, an entrepreneur we can all hope to be.

Not to mention, Swee Heng also run workshops for corporate teams, schools and the general public—he knows his coffee, alright.

Coffee Delivery Online 20

As for his bottled drinks, there is a colourful selection to get you started. The Coffee Roaster offers a rather extensive coffee and non-coffee selection so you’ll never get bored.

There are different Black Cold Brew (S$7) made with different beans, depending on what you like—from Colombia Finca La Falda beans to Ethiopia Haru Suke beans. If you like tea, The Coffee Roaster’s cold-brewed tea is sure to tickle your fancy with classics such as Timeless Earl Grey Tea (S$6.50) to the creamy Cold Sweet Potato Latte (S$7).

Moreover, The Coffee Roaster also has packs where you can mix and match coffee with non-coffee drinks.

The Coffee Roaster: Order online | Tel: +65 900 3237 | Facebook | InstagramWebsite

21. Cafe Cartisan

This is for those who dearly miss Melbourne and its vibrant coffee scene. Cafe Cartisan is founded by an artisanal coffee lover who grew up in the Melbourne cafe scene.

Coffee Delivery Online 21

With an emphasis on quality and single-origin beans and a series of handcrafted drinks, Cafe Cartisan is one that should be on your list.

Their drinks are S$6.90 per bottle with flavours such as the Sea Salt Hojicha Latte, the ever-essential Iced White and Iced Black. You’ll have to pre-order at least one day in advance, and currently, there is free delivery for orders above S$80.

Cafe Cartisan: Order online | Tel: +65 8661 1035 | Facebook | InstagramWebsite

22. Made Cold Coffee

Coffee Delivery Online 23

Made Cold Coffee concerns themselves with arguably the only coffee drink that matters—cold brew. Made Cold’s team of F&B professionals have come up with one-of-kind recipes that use simple and natural ingredients, and it will make you forget about all other cold brews. A bold claim for sure, and there’s only one way to find out if their claims carry any weight.

Made Cold has two cold brew flavours, black cold brew Breaking Ground (S$6.50) and white cold brew People’s Choice (S$6.50). Breaking Ground is made with a blend of Sumatra and Brazil, so expect a caramelly, sweet taste from this cuppa.

Made Cold Coffee: Order online | Facebook | Instagram |Website

23. Larut

While most coffee joints might prefer their coffee beans from Latin America or Ethiopia, Larut sources their beans directly from a farmer in Indonesia.

Their ethically sourced coffee beans are then brewed in small batches, so you know each bottle is top-notch.

Coffee Delivery Online 24

Right now, Larut is using Sundanese Gulali beans from Gunung Puntang, West Java. Larut’s menu is simple and to the point with a Black Cold Brew XL (S$20) and Signature Overnight XL (white cold brew) (S$18.90) in 1-litre bottles.

As a seasonal special, Larut has a Lavanedar Latte (S$25), which sounds heavenly on a sweltering afternoon, don’t you think? All you have to do is order through this form, and great coffee awaits.

Larut Co.: Order online | Instagram

24. Foreword Coffee Roasters

Foreword Coffee Roasters is where you can get coffee that supports a good cause.

They not only source their speciality coffee from Asia to give back to local rural communities, but they also empower differently-abled people in their company.

Coffee Delivery Online 26

Foreword Coffee Roasters offers a wide variety of drinks from coffee to non-coffee bottled drinks. One of the drinks to look forward to has to be the Merabu Latte (S$8). This is a double ristretto shot with beans from Java, Indonesia, finished with a shot of milk.

Not to mention, the Foreword Coffee Roaster has a recycling program for their glass bottles.

Foreword Coffee Roasters: Order online | Facebook | InstagramWebsite

25. Ark Coffee

Coffee Delivery Online 25

I always love supporting small local businesses, and Ark Coffee is one of those. At S$6 a bottle, Ark Coffee offers an excellent selection of coffee and non-coffee drinks from Black, White and even Chai.

Not to mention, if you live in the Katong, Joo Chiat or Marine Parade area, Ark Coffee offers free delivery.

Ark Coffee: Order online | Tel: +65 9788 7902 | Facebook | InstagramWebsite

26. Homeground Coffee Roasters

Another roastery in the eclectic streets of Katong and Joo Chiat is Homeground Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Delivery Online 31

Their bottled drinks are a little different, and instead of the run-of-mill drinks, these are concentrated brews. Each bottle (S$33) will give you up to eight cups of drinks, so that comes to about S$4 for a cup. Talk about bang for your buck!

All you have to do is add the milk of your choice and voila, the perfect cuppa.

There’s the usual selection of White and Black Cold Brew for coffee lovers. Or if you prefer chocolate, the Iced Mocha and Iced Chocolate would be perfect.

Plus if you order more than three bottles, you’ll enjoy free delivery!

Homeground Coffee Roasters: Order online |Tel: +65 8661 1035 | Facebook | InstagramWebsite


If coffee is just not your thing, don’t fret. You can still get your caffeine fix from matcha. While some of the coffeehouses have their own matcha drinks, one more couldn’t hurt, right?

We’ve included some places that make killer matcha and it just might make you forget about your daily cuppa for a moment.

27. Matchaya: Progressive Tea Bar

If there was any finer purveyor of matcha products, Matchaya: Progressive Tea Bar is one of the top results.

Coffee Delivery Online 28

Their matcha is cold-whisked with milk so expect a more robust, more concentrated matcha drink. Plus, if you can’t take dairy, their Cold Whisked Matcha (S$7) also comes with non-dairy milk. There are even subscription programmes if you never want the matcha to stop.

Not only that, but Matchaya also has an entire range of matcha desserts that is sure to satisfy any matcha cravings. All you have to do is order online, and matcha-flavoured products will be at your doorstep.

Matchaya: Progressive Tea Bar: Order online  |Tel: +65 9855 6460| Facebook | InstagramWebsite 

28. Hvala

Coffee Delivery Online 29

Another one for matcha fanatics, Hvala is another cafe that is serious about their matcha. Besides the usual host of Matcha (S$6.80) and Hojicha (S$6.80) lattes, Hvala also has their Straight Matcha (S$6.30) that is made with premium matcha from Kyoto.

Just like Matchaya, Hvala also has a series of delicate matcha-flavoured desserts that would pair wonderfully with any Hvala’s drinks. With islandwide delivery, you’ll have a Japanese-inspired afternoon tea in no time.

Hvala: Order online | Facebook | Instagram | Website

29. Craft Tea Fox

Coffee Delivery Online 32

The adorable name aside, Craft Tea Fox knows their matcha, alright. They have both bottled Matcha (S$6.30), and Hojicha Lattes (S$6.30) that are cold whisked with fresh milk. Their matcha has been praised for being incredibly smooth and velvety, which is what you’ll want in your matcha.

What’s more, Craft Tea Fox’s matcha lattes can last two to five weeks, which is a lot longer than most places. This way, you can savour this frothy goodness at your pace.

Craft Tea Fox: Order online | FacebookInstagram | Website 

Whether you’re looking to order cold brew coffee for your daily consumption, or if you’re thinking of gifting a fellow coffee lover, there’s something for you here.

Did we miss out on any cold brew delivery services? Let us know in the comments!