Domino’s Japan’s Crispy Fish & Chips Pizza — yay or nay?

2021 is all about innovation in food—and we have endless weird food combinations to disprove the premise that almost anything goes. Now, we’re taking a step further, adding facelifts to comfort foods that teeter on the edge of offence. And a recent one thrown into the gauntlet is Domino’s Japan’s Crispy Fish & Chips Pizza.

It either satisfies your cravings for both fast foods or simply makes you go, why tho?

Tweet 2

This debate sprouted from a tweet when a user coined this pizza as an affront to both Italy and England, where pizza and fish and chips originated, respectively. Of course, kerfuffle ensued: yay or nay camps, additions of peculiar fast food toppings, and of course, people hopping on the bandwagon and trying the famed pizza, which costs about S$36.96 for medium, S$44.33 for regular and S$51.74 for large.

This Crispy Fish & Chips Pizza is actually part of their Summer Favourites Quattro summer-exclusive menu, with four pizzas inspired by popular dishes.

Summer Quattro
Credit – Domino’s Japan

In response to the tweet, Domino’s Japan respectfully apologised and offered a free pizza to the said user and others who joined in the conversation. Before you cast your verdict, here’s what the pizza contains.

Domino's Japan
Credit – Domino’s Japan

Heft fish chunks, lemon, potato slices, imbued with a mix of tartar and tomato sauce, and a sprinkling of basil as the cherry on top. Is it just me, or does the pizza look promising, to say the least? But one thing though, what does the “tomato sauce (half)” mean?


Anyway, whichever camp you’re in, I think we can all concur on one point: this savoury topping is still better than boba, by leaps and bounds. And I stand by that.

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