Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant: Singapore Food Review (Part 3)

And in the final instalment of our 3 part Don Quijote Spanish restaurant feature, is the Meat Lover’s Menu. Despite the salivating name, there’s actually only going to be 3 types of meats.

This is a recommended menu pairing by the restaurant but in my opinion doesn’t work that well for me. It is pricier than the Tapas Paellas menu and the ‘Live’ Seafood Menu as well as comprising of 2 soups oddly, tasting a lot less dishes.

Don quijote gazpacho

Gazpacho. Cold Vegetable Soup ($8). When I asked the waiter what was in this soup, he replied that it was a vegetable soup, so I didn’t really get an answer. But I’m guessing it’s primarily cucumbers and piquillo (Spanish bell peppers) like most traditional Gazpacho. Quite a refreshing soup to cleanse the palate, but liquid vegetables don’t really rock my boat.

Don quijote mushroom soup

Crema de Setas. Cream of Mushroom ($9). As mentioned, I find it a little odd having cold soup then a hot one consecutively. The serving sizes are of sampling portion, so it might look small in the pictures above.

Don quijote chicken skewers

Pinchos Morunos de Pollo. Chicken Skewers, House Sauce ($21). In terms of flavouring and sauces, this skewer was pretty decent and safe, but didn’t really amaze me with any typical powerful Spanish flavours. I felt perhaps more spice could be added for some kick.

Don quijote lamb rack

Chuletas de Cordero. Lamb Rack with Honey Red Wine Sauce and Garden Vegetables ($42). As with typical lamb racks, the portion is usually small and expensive with very intense taste. The lamb was cooked tender while the honey red wine serves to take away any remaining gamey lamb taste.

Don quijote tomahawk steak

Chuletón de Buey. 400 day grain-fed Australian Wagyu MS 4/5 ‘Tomahawk’ Bone-in Rib Steak  ($18/100g). Typical tomahawks will come in around 1kg in size, and grain fed Wagyu beefs are really high in fat distribution. Due to the thickness of the steak though, this tomahawk can only be cooked medium rare, while guests have an option to request it be taken back to be seared more.

This steak was in fact, a little less than medium rare especially in the centre, and it takes some technique like warming up the steak first before grilling to achieve a more even doneness. Could have used more charred, caramelized flavour on the surface as well to create more depth.

Still, the quality of the beef steak is no doubt quite superior and still gives a lot of juiciness if you like medium rare or rare doneness.

As a menu pairing, I’m not very convinced about this order of dishes, and its probably my least favourite menu out of the previous Don Quijote recommended menus. Variety is also lacking for its premium price, so I would urge you to stick to their classic Spanish tapas instead that are simple and rustic.

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Eexpected damage: $94/pax (this menu feeds 5 people)

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant: 7 Dempsey Road, #01-02, Singapore 249671 | Website

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