8 Elevated Bar Grubs In Singapore To Pique Your Interest & Keep You Fuelled For The Night

Drinking is fast becoming the millennials’ favourite past time, and it goes without saying that we’ll need some grub to munch on to power through the night.

However, it seems like there’s always been the stigma that bars sell trashy food, and the only “safer” options left are fries and wings.

If you find yourself sick of having the usual fried wings and truffle fries, allow me to introduce you eight elevated bar grubs that may just pique your interest and make your drinking sesh better.

1. Okonomiyaki Prawn Thin Crust Pizza (American Taproom)

American Taproom 3

American Taproom Feature

From Odyssey Brew Co’s Latte Stout Export (S$9) to Pasture Street’s Dragonfruit Gose (S$7) and 30 craft beers on tap, there’s definitely something for everyone at American Taproom.

And trust me, you’re bound to get peckish after a couple glasses of beer.

American Taproom 20

And there’s nothing better than having a slice of pizza to go with your ice cold beer. But rather than the classics, opt for their Okonomiyaki Prawn Thin Crust Pizza (S$20), which was light yet oh-so-satisfying.

American Taproom: Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo Street, #01-23, Singapore 180261 | Tel: +65 9632 1570 | Opening Hours: 4pm – 12am (Daily) | Website | Facebook

2. California Maki Dip With Wanton Skins (Miss G’s Grill & Bar)

Miss G's Bar And Grill 1

This one’s a personal favourite — S$40 beer towers, bottles of wine from S$35 and sour plum shots (S$72 for a dozen), what’s not to love about Miss G’s Grill & Bar?

Miss G's Bar And Grill 15

Ever since my first trip there, I’ve been back on numerous occasions. The one thing that has been my staple here is definitely their California Maki Dip with Wanton Skins (S$12).

When I was first introduced to this dish, I didn’t think much of it initially; it sounded and looked pretty ordinary. But boy, this is one of the most addictive bar grubs I’ve ever had!  

Miss G's Bar And Grill 17

The dip is a mix of crabmeat, cucumber, avocado and mayonnaise, garnished with some spring onions and a generous portion of tobiko. It’s basically a deconstructed California Maki without the rice or seaweed, instead, it’s paired with crisp, deep-fried wanton skins.

My friends and I loved it so much that we found ourselves fighting for the last piece!

Miss G’s Bar & Grill: 44, 45 Pekin Street, Singapore 048775 | Tel: +65 9328 4524 | Opening Hours: 10am – 12am (Mon – Fri), 6pm – 12am (Sat), Closed on Sundays | Facebook

3. General Tso’s Frog Legs (The Guild)

The Guild 10

Buffalo wings are a hot favourite when it comes to bar bites. In Chef Vinny’s rendition, the plate of General Tso’s Frog Legs (S$14) from The Guild is deep fried and coated in a soy-ginger-garlic-chilli concoction.

The Guild 2

The savouriness of the marinade will only leave your taste buds craving for more alcohol.

Take your pick from their extensive selection of craft beers from Young Master Brewery, such as the Cha Chaan Teng Gose (S$8) or Double Leaf (S$9), a kafir lime pale ale.

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The Guild: 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-01, Singapore 089158 | Tel: +65 6224 1262 | Opening Hours: 6pm – 12am (Wed – Sun) | Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Wantou Sliders With Fried Prawn Fritters + Chilli Crab Sauce (WAN Bar + Kitchen & Nightclub)

The last thing you’d wanna do is to cut short your night of partying to answer the call of nature… not your bladder, but your growling stomach.  

wan nightclub + bar & kitchen - 15

This multi-concept establishment that combines a kitchen, bar and nightclub is the solution for your woes.

wan nightclub + bar & kitchen - 8

Head out to the al fresco bar and dining area, situated right outside the dance floor for some of their best-selling Wantou Sliders with Fried Prawn Fritters With Chilli Crab Sauce (S$18).

The sliders let out a heavenly crackle in each bite, you’ll be reaching for seconds in no time.

wan nightclub + bar & kitchen - 3

While you’re at it, be sure to not miss their unique (but fairly potent) selection of Alcoholic Bubble Teas (S$15)!  

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WAN Bar & Kitchen: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing, #01-434, Singapore 038983 | Tel: +65 9171 2179 | Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am (Mon, Tues & Thu), 5pm – 3am (Wed & Fri), 5pm – 4am (Sat), Closed on Sundays | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Assorted Skewers (Hopscotch Bar)

Hopscotch Bar 7

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Gillman Barracks — out of the hustle and bustle of the city, I guarantee Hopscotch Bar will soon become your squad’s favourite haunt.

Hopscotch Bar 9

If your ideal “chill gathering” with friends is a BBQ party (sans the mess and unpleasant odour of smoke lingering in your clothes and hair) and plenty of alcohol (DUH!), this is the place for you.

Each of these delectable Skewers (S$1.50 – S$12.90) are coated with a homemade glaze and grilled to perfection, featuring the usual suspects such as Chicken Thigh (S$3.20) and Flank Steak (S$4.90).

Hopscotch Bar 11 Hopscotch Bar 12

If you’re feeling indulgent, you can even go for the rich and decadent Foie Gras (S$12.90) or indulge in the Spiny Lobster Tail (S$12.90).

Their innovative range of bespoke cocktails will definitely not disappoint as well! Think Milo Shots (S$6) and Truffle Udon Cocktail (S$22). Need I say more?

Hopscotch: Gillman Barracks, 45 Malan Road, Singapore 109455 | Tel: +65 6339 0633 | Opening hours: 5.30pm – 1am (Mon – Sat), Closed on Sundays | Facebook | Instagram

6. Chilli Crab Mantou, Fried Milky Mushrooms (Chug Chug)

Chug Chug 21

The brainchild of local YouTuber Xinde Yap and Model Brandon Loh, Chug Chug is a bistro that serves satisfying bar grub and a pretty impressive range of alcohol, from soju to alcoholic root beer floats.

Chug Chug 9

In Xinde’s rendition of the iconic chilli crab dish, the Chilli Crab Mantou (S$18) came with two soft shell crab sliders flanked by mantou buns, and chilli crab sauce on the side.

What better way to enjoy our local favourite, than to devour it without the hassle of having to deshell it?  

Chug Chug 6

Another dish we would recommend to have alongside your soju (or whatever your choice of poison is), is their Fried Milky Mushrooms (S$13). Doused in a thick, creamy milk sauce and tossed in fried curry leaves and chilli padi, it tastes just as sinful as it sounds!

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Chug Chug SG: 114 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088529 | Tel: +65 6224 5113 | Opening Hours: 12pm – 3.30pm; 5.30pm – 12am (Mon – Fri), 5.30pm – 12am (Sat), Closed on Sun | Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. German Platter (Rumours Bar and Grill)

rumours bar & grill - 29

If you’re looking for something heavier and more filling to go with your booze, head down to Rumors Bar and Grill.

rumours bar & grill - 4

Nothing will go better with your bottle of Erdinger than the German Platter ($59.80), filled with pork knuckle, veal escalope and sausage.

rumours bar & grill - 1

If that isn’t enough to impress you, how about this massive platter that comes with a whopping 1.2kg prime cut of Australian Black Angus beef? Their signature 1.2kg Fiorentina Bistecca ($89.80) will definitely be the fulfil every meat-lovers’ gustatory dreams!

Rumours Bar & Grill: 24 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277683 | Tel: +65 6463 5053 | Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am (Daily) | Facebook

8. Nori Cracker, Seasonal Vegetable Tempura (2AM: Dessert Bar)

2am Dessert Bar 1

Whenever I think of a place to have a drink and end off my day on a sweet note, Janice Wong’s 2AM: Dessert Bar is the first place that comes to mind.

2am Dessert Bar 7

Known for their cutting-edge and refreshing take on desserts, their creations have never once disappointed.

But if your taste buds happen to crave something a little more savoury that day, you’ll be pleased to know that their creativity isn’t just limited to the dessert menu.

2am Dessert Bar 3

We had the Nori Cracker (S$15), which was basically an Asian-style taco. The “taco shell” is made of deep-fried seaweed, topped with garlic prawn, salsa fresca, cabbage and drizzled with wasabi mayo. The ingredients complemented one another, and it was a harmonious symphony of flavours.

2am Dessert Bar 5 

There’s also a vegetarian-friendly option available — the Seasonal Vegetable Tempura (S$15) features a variety of battered vegetables served alongside three different dips.

Instead of tentsuyu that’s usually served with tempura, we were given smoked olive balsamic aioli, avocado cream and kimchi dip. My only gripe was not having enough dips to go around.

2AM: Dessert Bar: 21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore 277733 | Tel: +65 6291 9727 | Opening Hours: 3pm – 2am (Tues – Fri), 2pm – 2am (Sat & Sun), Closed on Mondays | WebsiteFacebook