WAN Bar + Kitchen & Nightclub: Party With Alcoholic Bubble Tea & Mantou Sliders In Suntec City

Calling all party-goers! There’s a new nightclub in town where you can go to let loose next weekend. Why WAN? For wan (one), they have alcoholic bubble tea!

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The latest in Singapore’s nightlife scene, WAN Bar + Kitchen & Nightclub offers up three concepts, combining nightclub, bar and kitchen all in one. This is one place where you can unleash your party animal while wolfing down mouth-watering supper treats.

The layout is genius — an al fresco bar and dining area are situated right outside the dance floor, so you technically won’t have to leave the club area for light bites and drinks. It’s perfect for conversation without having to yell your lungs out, so you can recharge before heading back inside to where the real magic is.

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If you’re a siao clubber, WAN is one to check out. Decked out in Chinese-kitsch decor, the area boasts an atmosphere that’s both modern and sultry. A dash of oriental, a dash of vintage; this definitely feels like the place to get lucky.

And ladies, listen up! Spend Ladies’ Night at WAN every Wednesdys because you’ll get free drinks! If you sign up on their online guest list, you’ll be entitled to not only to complimentary entry, but also a whopping six drinks!

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To kick-start the night, pre-drink with WAN’s unique selection of alcoholic bubble tea. We’ve seen renditions of alcoholic bubble tea before, but these are undoubtedly the most flamboyant. And you’ll even get to keep the floats afterwards. Ganbei!

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Just like its name, The ‘CASANOVA’ ($15++) is a little naughty. While seemingly harmless on the surface, this drink packs a punch.

You can definitely taste the strong Hendrick’s Gin, which was balanced with sweet floral accents of rose and apple. Slurp up the lychee pearls that literally pop in your mouth!

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Sweet and innocent, it’s everything you’ll remember about your childhood sweetheart — exactly what the Childhood Sweetheart ($15++) is, easy-going and brimming with strong fruity flavour, but a little more grownup with a touch of Glenfiddich Whisky.

Perhaps, something nostalgic to rekindle an old flame?

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If you feel like drunk dialling your ex, don’t. Go for WAN Bar + Kitchen’s The ‘EX’ Lover ($15++) instead. It’s the tastier and less disastrous option. With a vodka base and a bit of citrus, this one is a tad stronger than the rest. But like your ex, take the good with the bad and down it fast to feel the buzz!

Often I find myself leaving the club halfway through partying to grab a late-night snack. Nightclubs just haven’t earned the reputation of serving up good food worth your cash. But at WAN Bar + Kitchen, I guarantee you no longer have to exit the club for a delicious bite.

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As a sucker for har cheong gai, I had to get their Har Cheong Gai Chicken Wings ($14++). Served in a steam basket, these golden-brown wings are perfect for sharing.

With the crispy skin, tender meat and strong shrimp aroma, we chomped them down faster than you can say ‘wan‘ (finish)!

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WAN Bar + Kitchen swears by their WAN’s Signature Fried Hokkien Mee ($14++). I was definitely sceptical about paying more than $10 for traditional hawker food, but this plate is really worth every cent.

Aside from the generous portion, the noodles were also moist with a strong egg aroma.

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The prawns were really huge and succulent, and you’ll realise that you won’t be able to stop taking mouthfuls of this super addictive dish.

My dining companions couldn’t stop raving about the homemade belachan! If you do decide to splurge, I vouch that this won’t be one of your club night regrets.

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The Japanese Grilled Prawn & Bacon Linguine ($14++) is a bit of a miss though. While the noodles were cooked al dente and tasted quite appetising, I simply could not overlook the fact that there was only one prawn on the plate, which also had a slightly rubbery texture.

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WAN Bar + Kitchen easily made up for it with their bestselling Wantou Sliders with Fried Prawn Fritters With Chilli Crab Sauce ($18++). Each basket comes with four mantous jam-packed with crispy prawn fritter and thick chilli crab sauce.

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The mantou definitely could be fluffier, but the deep-fried edges were crispy enough that there was a heavenly crackle in each bite.

What really stole the show was the rich chilli crab sauce; it was sweet and spicy enough to tantalise my taste buds.

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Of course, we had to end the meal with some shots. Whether you’re down for a Quick F*ck or a Blowjob, for $20++ a pair, your night will get lit in the blink of an eye.

I enjoyed my first Blowjob (sorry Mum) that ended up as a creamy mess on the table! Sadly, my mistakes were caught on Instagram for public humiliation.

WAN put me in this conundrum: Should I stay the night in the Club, or fill up on sumptuous food and drinks at the Bar + Kitchen? I was just thankful to have options and not travel far to find supper bites or booze up.

WAN Bar + Kitchen’s selection of yummy alcoholic bubble tea definitely ups the boozy level. Don’t let the cute floats fool you, these drinks bite!

Expected Damage: $18 – $60 per pax (WAN Bar + Kitchen), $30 cover charge (WAN Club)

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WAN Bar & Kitchen

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing, #01-434, Singapore 038983

WAN Bar & Kitchen

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing, #01-434, Singapore 038983

Telephone: +65 9171 2179
Operating Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5pm - 1am, Wednesdays & Fridays: 5pm - 3am, Saturdays: 5pm - 4am, Closed on Sundays
Telephone: +65 9171 2179

Operating Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5pm - 1am, Wednesdays & Fridays: 5pm - 3am, Saturdays: 5pm - 4am, Closed on Sundays
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