EVENTASTY 一碗田: Hand-Pulled Noodles With Tender Braised Wagyu Beef & More At This Noodle Joint In Funan Mall

If you’ve been to the somewhat newly opened Funan Mall, then you’ll know the mall is a foodie haven with countless spots for your midday nosh. I’ve found another goodie that will satisfy all noodle fiends out there.

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EVENTASTY 一碗田 is tucked away in a quiet corner on the first floor of Funan Mall and dishes out la mian style bowls with a slight Singaporean slant.

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EVENTASTY is decked out in calming robin-blue wallpaper along with matching furniture.

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For those who love watching how your food is prepared, EVENTASTY has an open kitchen where you can watch you noodles transform from shapeless blobs into long, tensile noodle strands in the chef’s expert hand.

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Another thing I appreciated about EVENTASTY was also how each bowl of noodles are made-to-order, which ensures the freshness and the quality of each bowl.

Having tried traditional Lanzhou la mian over at Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles, I was pretty excited to see what EVENTASTY’s noodles had to offer.

EVENTASTY has three soup bases, their Signature Tomato Soup Base, Beef Bone Soup Base and their Mushroom Sauce.

Eventasty 8

I began this noodle story with their Signature Tomato Soup Base with their Vinaigrette Ebiko Prawn Paste Noodle (S$13.90). As for the noodles, I was recommended to opt for the Small Flat noodles to go along with this broth.

The bowl came with four blushing pink prawn paste balls, and a ramen-style egg swimming in a rich tomato broth.

Eventasty 16

If you’ve made your way around the hot-pot circuits, you’ll know that tomato broths have been steadily gaining popularity. For EVENTASTY, they proudly declare that their tomato broth does not come from a can.

They also boast that their soup is so concentrated that each bowl is equivalent to seven tomatoes. Indeed, the broth was rich, sweet, and even had a tantalising golden sheen to it.

I also appreciated how well-balanced the broth was given the acidic nature of tomatoes; each slurp was mellow with just the slightest zing.

Eventasty 11

Next, I went for those plump Ebiko Prawn Paste balls. I was pretty pleased with how bouncy and springy they were. There was even moreish prawn roe scattered throughout the ball which supplied little pockets of brininess.

Eventasty 10

Now for the main event—those noodles. These strands were well-coated with the broth and had a firm texture and a good bite, which was a brownie point for me, as mushy noodles are a huge no-no.

This shape of noodles was a good suggestion on EVENTASTY’s part; having them flat allowed them to pick up as a good amount of broth which in turn allowed for gratifying slurps.

Eventasty 14

The icing on the cake when it comes to EVENTASTY’s bowls has to the savoury and perfectly cooked ramen egg. An egg with semi-molten tangerine centre does hit the spot.

I have to admit a ramen egg does pander to all our deep-rooted affection for anything ramen-related but you know what, so be it.

Eventasty 18

For something a little more robust and hearty, the Braised Wagyu Beef Noodles (S$13.90) is a good bet. For this iteration of noodles, I went with noodles of Medium thickness as per EVENTASTY’s recommendation.

Eventasty 23

With a set up like EVENTASTY, you’ll come to appreciate the difference between freshly hand-pulled noodles and pre-cooked noodles. These noodles were served al dente but still retained a good bounce to them. I tend to like my noodles with a little bite and these were right on the money.

Eventasty 20

The broth was light but full-bodied and flavourful, which was surprising considering that the broth was a little pale. EVENTASTY later told me their broth takes a whopping eight hours to prepare. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the depth of flavour.

Eventasty 21

The crowning glory of the bowl has to be these thick and chunky cubes of braised Wagyu. They were tender, well-marbled and trust me, you’ll be fishing for all these tasty morsels.

Eventasty 24

EVENTASTY really knocked it out of the park with their Braised Beef Noodles, a solid bowl of noodles that will be perfect for tucking in on rainy days.

Eventasty 30

As this noodle tale draws to its inevitable conclusion, we ended with the Mushroom Braised Beef Shank Dry Noodle. For this plate, I choose the Flat noodles for variety as well as better texture.

Eventasty 35

I gave these noodles a good mix so they were well-coated with the piquant mushroom sauce. I did like how the wider and flatter noodles complemented the earthy flavours of the sauce.

Eventasty 32

Beef shank is not the easiest protein to break down, given that this cut is from the cow’s leg, so it’s a muscle that is constantly working. To ensure a succulent piece of meat, beef shank requires long hours of gentle braising.

EVENTASTY’s beef shank was prepared Chinese style, so it came cold with those trademark jellied bits. They were pretty flavourful and tender.

Eventasty 36

If you are still a little peckish after your meal, I would recommend a plate of Mashed Potato With Braised Beef Sauce (S$3). This comes with a mound of hand-mashed potato and a generous ladle of braised beef sauce.

Eventasty 38

A delightful and savoury little nugget of a side dish, it’s one that is sure to round out your meal at EVENTASTY quite nicely.

EVENTASTY was really a wildcard for me. From the noodles to the amount of effort that goes in each type of soup, EVENTASTY definitely doesn’t cut corners.

EVENTASTY does play into our Singaporean proclivities but when it is done as well as EVENTASTY does, it works. At its price point, I do foresee myself heading over every now and then for a satisfying meal.

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Expected Damage: S$10 – S$15 per pax


Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Eventasty 一碗田

107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall, #01-13, Singapore 179105

Our Rating 4/5

Eventasty 一碗田

107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall, #01-13, Singapore 179105

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 9.30am (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 9.30am (Daily)
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