5 Facebook hawker groups for you to #supportlocal

Last Updated: June 14, 2021

Written by Natalie Tan

There’s no other better time than now to exemplify the overused adage, kampung spirit. In a time where dining-in and social interaction is not allowed and limited respectively, our hawker stall owners require more support than ever. And of course, we take to social media for everything, including looking out for our hawkers, the majority of them without a strong online presence. Here are five Facebook hawker groups where owners and the public can introduce hawker stalls and their delivery and takeaway options during this period of Phase 2 HA. Support our hawker scene, and #supportlocal.

Hawkers United – Dabao 2020

Yes, it’s now 2021 and the days of the infamous Circuit Breaker last year have long gone, but its shadow has now appeared in the form of recent dining-in restrictions, thus reviving this group with Founder Mr Melvin Chew, the second-generation hawker of Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Chap in Chinatown. 

Started on 3 April 2020, this Facebook hawker group with over 298.5K members is a go-to for F&B small business owners and members of the public alike. Searching for a particular stall or cuisine to curb your cravings? You’ll spot an endless flurry of posts with hawker stall owners, home bakers, and more promoting their businesses, and also the public’s recommendations. 

This page is akin to the local Wikipedia for the hawker and even the F&B realm in general, with posts introducing lesser-known and newly opened eateries, delivery promotions, and Q&A on where to get a certain food. It’s also the forerunner of the Hawkers United – Dabao 2021 group, created specifically during this Phase 2 HA period. 


Can Eat! Hawker Food 

As its cheery bio says, Can Eat! Hawker Food, created by Mr Andrew Tang, is a public group with 62.3K members, for like-minded hawker food aficionados to post about delectable hawker eats and share recommendations. It’s by no means a professional review-centred page, but one that’s more user-focused.

Most post contributors are members of the public, who post about their personal recommendations of stalls and eats, and the latest hawker stall news updates. You’ll spot helpful posts like the dates and times of closed hawker centres for cleaning, information about shuttered stalls, as well as colloquial food descriptions, photographs and detailed addresses of eateries. 

Once in a while, heartwarming posts of encouragement to support hawker stall owners pop up, reminding you of the goodwill in Singaporeans that’s especially needed during this trying time for hawkers and the F&B industry in general.


Food Dabao & Delivery – Singapore

A local pandemic addition to the list of D&D initialisms, Dabao & Delivery (‘D&D’)  is the new conversation starter when it comes to all things food. As its moniker goes, this Facebook hawker group consists of posts by young hawker stall owners and members of the public, sharing stalls and eateries that offer take-away and delivery options. 

From Thai cuisine to Rice Dumplings and even Baos, the posts cover a wide spectrum of our local favourite eats, so there’s no excuse not to support our hawker stall aunties and uncles. You’ll be surprised to know the inundation of delivery and take-away options for stalls you love, including the iconic mainstay at Satay By The BayGeylang Serai Satay. It may be a shame to miss out on the experience of chomping on satay, taking in whiffs of grilled meat and the convivial atmosphere in general, but till then, why not support these stalls by opting for self-pickup or delivery? 


Singapore Hawkers United

The usage of hashtags like #SgUnited and #HawkersUnited may be a consistent clichéd sighting we’ll see throughout this pandemic, but the act of supporting our hawkers is nothing to brush off. Spot the slew of posts promoting char siew, roasted pork, chicken rice, Hokkien mee and more. You know we love our hawker food. So why not support our stall owners through delivery and pick up? 

Besides the hawker stall owners themselves posting in the group to inform us about their delivery and takeaway prices, timings and fees, contributions by members of the public are heft as well. Thoughtful gestures of recommending and promoting D&D options are scattered around the page, and there are even videos of our hawker uncles’ wok hei action—promoting not only the food itself, but also the heart and culinary finesse that makes up our hawker culture. 


Hawker Deliveries | We The Hawkers

It’s difficult to browse through all the stalls at the hawker centre, what more to sustain business throughout this period, where dining-in isn’t allowed? Hence, the more Facebook groups the merrier. Initiated by Chop Chop Biryani & Meats, a stall specialising in a unique concept of pork biryani, this group is created solely to help hawkers to promote their food and delivery services to the public. 

Unlike most groups promoting any and every kind of hawker stall, Hawker Deliveries | We The Hawkers also explicitly support fusion and improvised renditions of traditional and modern fare, embracing and celebrating diversity in our hawker culture. Hawker stall owners can post their stall information and promote their takeaway and delivery options, tagging the hawker centres they’re located in for the public to locate them efficiently. At the same time, the public can do so for the stalls as well, promoting those without a strong media presence. 


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