Simply Bread (Cluny Court): Singapore Food Review

“Good simple bread

On the constant pursuit for the best breakfast places that won’t break the bank, I arrived at Cluny Court for my next endeavour. To be honest, we were supposed to brunch at Société Canteen, but as I was waiting inside for my late date (yet again), I changed my mind to venture somewhere else.

Why, you ask? The atmosphere at the Société Canteen was very, very cold and pretentious. Cold as in emotionless and without passion. No where near the Melbourne experience as promised.

There were barely 3 tables occupied and no one smiled or even said hello. Everyone just looked like there was someone with a gun in the back room and they had to pretend to look normal. Absolutely stoic and I couldn’t stand it in there. Oh wait, this is a review about Simply Bread, right, on to that. Ahem.

So we managed to locate this little bakery cafe on the 2nd floor of Cluny Court and decided to have brekkie here. We ordered at the counter with the very friendly staff, and sat down in the austere looking cafe.

Now personally, I feel that clean, white backdrops with simple furniture is way over done in many cafes and brands who try too hard (like a certain canteen), but Simply Bread pulls it off well. You can feel the consistency in the brand image, that they are really just trying to serve you good bread and not visually rape you with their lavish, out-worldly furniture.

Simply Bread eggs and bacon

We ordered the French toast ($7.10 alone) with bacon, Roast Beef Sandwich ($10.95) with mustard, Sticky buns ($1.85) and more Scrambled Eggs ($6.50). When the food arrived, I was quickly reminded why its called Simply BREAD here. Every dish had bread, even the eggs came with bread.

The home made Ciabatta was really good no doubt, and goes really well with eggs in the French Toast. The combination was fluffy and light, not overly eggy and goes really well with the butter and maple syrup provided. Bacon was the crispy variety that crumbled really easily, overly crisp for my taste but I know some people like it this way.

Simply Bread roast beef sandwich

The roast beef sandwich paired really well with the mustard for a spicy punch, but after trying so many deli meats before, I’m quite sure the roast beef was just bought ready-made from a deli supplier. The meat was prepared and cut well though, not too thick and warmed without drying out the meat. The star again is definitely the home-made bread.

The scrambled eggs had a slight overcooked streaky texture and was not as smooth as I liked, but still decent. The cinnamon raisin sticky buns, although cold, were absolutely delightful. Light and voluminous with a lot of air from the raising yeast, yet heavy with sticky cinnamon goodness flowing everywhere, this was a damn good bun. Highly recommend buying some home if you are in the area.

A very pleasant experience, with cafe latte and only costs $15+ per pax! Definitely worth the value.

Damage: $15/pax

Simply Bread: 501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court #02-07

Review first posted on thesmartlocal