Malaysian restaurant owner outraged after football fans damage restaurant during World Cup finals

It was a nail-biting night for football fans during the World Cup finals on 18 Dec 2022, when Argentina came head-to-head with France… then emerged to lift the cup! However while the rest of the world was celebrating, one particular restaurant owner was extremely miserable. No, it’s not because he supported France, it was because his restaurant was terribly damaged by a bunch of over-excited fans.

Malaysia football fans - damage

According to his Facebook post, Shihan Salim, owner of Restoran Jamal Salim, located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah said that the unruly football fans had broken walls, smashed tables, and cracked plastic chairs. He also revealed that his restaurant employees had to work till 5.30am to clean the entire establishment before they could operate normally in the morning.

The unruly bunch was spotted jumping on tables having blatant disregard for the others patrons, clanging plates and exchanging foul words.

Malaysia restaurant - clean up

On his Facebook post, Shihan wrote, “Did you come to watch football or destroy my property? I prepared all these amenities to celebrate the spirit of football but instead you destroyed my restaurant. Next time, I will display the faces of those who ruined the football spirit. If this is how things are going to be, maybe it’s best not to allow guests to come to my restaurant to watch football in the future.”

He has also put out a message seeking compensation from the football fans for the food and drinks they did not pay for, and the damage they caused: 6 to 7 foldable tables (RM200 for one table), broken chairs, shattered glasses and even broken plastic plates.

What a way to ruin a fun night.

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