Tampines’ Giant Hypermarket launches its first ever pasar malam in its carpark

I am almost at risk of sounding like a broken tape recorder, but there’s yet another pasar malam, this time located at TampinesGiant Hypermarket Carpark from 19 Nov to 4 Dec 2022. This will be the first pasar malam ever done at Giant Hypermarket’s carpark.

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Exterior Shot

Unlike most pasar malam that usually operates (at least most stalls) around 12pm onwards, Tampines’ Giant Hypermarket Pasar Malam will only be open from 5.30pm to 10.30pm

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Exterior Shot

Its poster promises over 20 local food stalls, outdoor food truck dining, local artisanal crafts, UFO catchers and carnival games. Unfortunately, the reality was slightly disappointing as I counted at most 10 stalls and no food truck. There was outdoor dining, but the seats were very limited and I couldn’t find any local artisanal crafts. 

Hopefully, they’re saving their best for the weekend crowd!

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Meat My Meat

One of the more unique stalls available was Meat My Meat. They sell American-inspired sandwiches such as Philly Cheesesteak (S$9.90), Buffalo Cheesesteak Hotdog (S$10.90), Mozza Philly Cheeseteak (S$10.90), Mozza Buffalo Cheesesteak Hotdog (S$11.90) and 2mm Slice Ribeye Cheesesteak (S$15). 

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Savoury Thai Skewers

Savoury Thai Skewers has Thai Fishcake, Thai Gai-Ping (Grilled Skewered Chicken), Thai Moo-Ping (Grilled Skewered Pork) and Thai Meat Balls (Beef/Pork) all going for S$2 per piece or S$5 for any 3. 

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - B.A.M

For even more grilled goods, B.A.M has got you covered with familiar foods that are rarely available at a pasar malam. For starters, B.A.M has satay with flavours such as Chicken, Mutton, Tripe and Beef at S$0.90 per stick (minimum 5 stick).

I wanted to try the Chicken Feet covered in Sweet Chilli BBQ (S$4) but it wasn’t available so I opted for the Ayam Percik with Sweet Chilli BBQ (S$3.50/S$10).

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Ayam Percik

Ayam Percik has been kind of forgotten in the pasar malam scene and I was eager to try it. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the sauce covering it. It tasted like concentrated asam pedas paste and the chicken was overcooked. Definitely wasn’t worth the S$3.50 I paid.

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Corn Dog

Coming from the same stall was the Corn Dog (S$2.50). It wasn’t fried freshly and tasted as so. The hotdog inside didn’t even cover the length of the breading. I could taste some cheese that has long been hardened. Again, not the best purchase.

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Taiwan Crispy Chicken

Perhaps a better option to review was the Taiwan Crispy Chicken that has Chicken Chop (S$6), Honey Chicken Chop (S$5.50), Salted Crispy Chicken (S$5), Sesame Crispy Chicken (S$5), Fried King Oyster Mushroom (S$4), Fried Sour Plum Sweet Potato (S$4) and Tempura (S$4).

You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Giant Tampines Hypermarket Pasar Malam - Supreme

Normally I would go through the drink options but you’ve probably have a good idea of what to expect by now. Supreme sells Thai Milk Tea (S$3/S$4), Corn Tea (S$3/S$4) and Green Tea (S$3/S$4)

I would suggest going to the Giant Hypermarket just a few steps from the pasar malam to get a drink there instead. Maybe even take a break from the heat and crowd.

Overall, I’d recommend only visiting if you stay around the area. If not, you’re better off going to the nearby pasar malam that will most likely be way bigger than this.

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