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This giant Wang Wang Man Tou Cushion is what our childhood dreams are made of

Last Updated: December 17, 2020

Written by Vera Leng

A giant cushion version of food and snacks seems so ‘been there, done that‘. First, we had the karaage cushion, then this peach cushion seat. I doubt anyone’s complaining when Taiwanese food manufacturing company Wang Wang launched its Wang Wang Man Tou Cushion, which is 30 times the size of the familiar childhood snack that many of us grew up on.

Wang Wang Cushion 2


The melt-in-your-mouth biscuit sends waves of nostalgia crashing along the shores of fond memories—I, for one, recall savouring packets of the snack with my then baby sister. Whether it’s a secret Santa gift exchange you’re scurrying to shop for, or just using it for plain ole’ snoozing; the Man Tou Cushion surely is fitting.

Each bag comes with man tous that you can both eat as well as rest your weary eyes on. Apart from the giant man tou cushion, you will also receive 2 packets of Lonely God snacks in Vegetable Flavour, Want Want Crackers, Want Want Senbei Rice Crackers, Want Want Boring Pie Fried Senbei, as well as the Want Want Shelly Senbei.

This means you can savour the taste of your long-forgotten youth while crying about adulthood into your spanking new man tou cushion. Unlike its edible counterpart, the cushion boasts a fluffy soft top—perfect for sinking into and nursing that food coma.

I especially love the attention to detail on the cushion—a nice browning over the crown of the biscuit, ombré-ing out to a paler, lighter shade of off-white. It perfectly mimics the OG Wang Wang Man Tou that I remember and love.

Here’s to the marriage of new and old, and may Wang Wang’s legacy live on.

Get this cushion directly from Wang Wang’s online shop, or add it to your cart on their Shopee Taiwan store.

Price: NT$349 (approx. S$16.53)


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