HACK IT Seafood — Convenient seafood bags you can relish at home

Singaporeans love seafood; chilli crab, black pepper crab, salted egg crab. I could go on forever. However, we must acknowledge that feasting on these crustaceans comes at a cost—it is a messy affair. Be it deshelling prawns or cracking open the shells of crabs, one must not be afraid to get down and dirty. Perhaps, that is precisely what makes the flesh taste that much sweeter, knowing that you worked hard for it.


This is where HACK IT seafood demonstrates its selling point. If the name wasn’t enough of a giveaway, JUMBO group’s newest venture focuses on the hands-on aspect of seafood. HACK IT’s menu is simple. Choose from four different styles of seafood-in-a-bag, or if you’re feeling creative, make your own! Next, choose a sauce and choice of carbs. Voilà, it’s that simple.


Now, seafood-in-a-bag is definitely not a new concept in town. In fact, other establishments like Crab in Da Bag have long been churning out massive piles of seafood wrapped in layers of plastic. So what makes HACK IT seafood’s rendition special? There is no option for dining out. That’s right, it is a delivery-only option. Simply place your order online, and await the arrival of your seafood.

This way, you don’t have to worry about where to wash your hands after you’re done conquering what’s on your plate. Just keep in mind to protect your table with HACK IT’s provided plastic sheets.


Aside from the seafood bags, there is also an array of side dishes for you to choose from. Some notable options include ‘Man Tou’ Breadsticks with Chilli Crab Sauce (S$6.50), Seafood Bacon Roll (S$9.80), Sotong Dough Fritters (S$9.80) and many more. With this many sides, the only problem you’re going to have is which one to try! Invite your friends over and share the joy of dining on HACK IT seafood.

For more information, do check out their website.

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Date & Time: Available from 3 December 2020 onwards on their website

Price: From S$66++ onwards for the Crab In A Pack