First dibs: Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN — 31 authentic Japanese food stalls with Hiroshima okonomiyaki & mont blanc till 25 Jun 2023

I think that many of us share the same sentiment that authentic Japanese food is unique and incomparable to imported brands. For those who miss Japan street food, Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN at Singpost Centre is sure to curb those cravings!

Being conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT station makes this Japanese fair easily accessible for visitors. With over 30 stalls offering authentic Japanese goods and foods, it would truly be a shame to miss out on the hype.

Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN — Hiroshima Okonimyaki

Of course, a Japanese classic has to be okonomiyaki, which Kompton does fantastically well. Hiroshima okonomiyaki is slightly different from the usual one from Osaka, being layered rather than mixed together.

Their Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (S$14) is slathered with the classic okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise for some extra indulgence. I especially love the noodles’ texture— they were springy and had a great bite. You can even enjoy the Japanese dish with iconic toppings like Mentaiko (S$17) or Oysters (S$21).

Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN — Danish Taiyaki

Want some light snacks? The Danish Taiyakis from Kyoto Arashimaya Le Mans are incredibly addictive. Those who love the crispy croissant layers will love the danish dough here, as the crispy exterior and fluffy interior are similar to the French pastry. From classic flavours like Red Bean (S$5.50) to the intriguing ones Caramel (S$5.50) and Maron (S$5.50), all tastebuds will be satisfied.

Famed Song Heng Fishball Minced Meat Noodle temporarily closed from 10 Jun – 21 Jun 2023

In particular, the Custard Taiyaki (S$5.50) here at Hanabi Matsuri made me swoon. Anyone can appreciate the smooth, silky custard cream being not too overpoweringly sweet, letting the danish texture shine.

Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN — Whitetree Mont Blanc

Though not Japanese, an honourable mention would be the Whitetree‘s treats. With mont blancs and donuts imported from Japan, this stall’s goodies definitely appeal to the eyes. Some may recognise these from the former Sakura Matsuri which Whitetree was at as well.

With 6 flavours including Pistachio and Matcha, their Mont Blanc (S$9) makes for quite the gorgeous picture. As appetising as they look, I admit that the Pistachio Mont Blanc lacks the nutty flavour some may be looking for. However, it is incredibly creamy and decadent, which is great in my books.

Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN — Kyoto Arashimiya Hourando

Packaged snacks from Kyoto Arashimaya Hourando are ideal nibbles. Their most popular item is the Small Grain Mix (S$13), consisting of a beloved blend of adzuki beans, mung beans and black soybeans. Each had their own unique savoury flavour, surprising you with every piece!

Japanese Alcohol

Fear not, as Japanese products are here for purchasing as well. Soon Seng Huat offers popular Japanese alcohol like Nakata Yuzu Citrus Plum (S$49.90) and Nakata Kishu White Plum Wine (S$49.90) that would make classic drinks at your next dinner party.

Peppermint Oil Stall

Having a mom who is incredibly selective on peppermint products, her seal of approval on Kitami Hakka is not to be taken lightly. Their Mint Oil Rollon (S$24) has one of the most intense peppermint aromas I’ve ever come across. It’s extra refreshing for that needed wake-up call, in my humble opinion.

Signage of Fair

I’m confident that Hanabi Matsuri’s incredible offerings this time will draw a large crowd. And a journey to the East may become essential to prevent the rest of Singapore from experiencing FOMO.

Popular neighbourhood cafe Ciel Patisserie selling affordable intricate cakes relocates

Price: $ $

Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN

10 Eunos Road, SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600


Hanabi Matsuri ISETAN

10 Eunos Road, SingPost Centre, Singapore 408600

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (14 - 24 Jun) & 11am - 7pm (25 Jun)

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (14 - 24 Jun) & 11am - 7pm (25 Jun)