This Instagram user that reviews instant noodles is a noodle fiend after my own heart

I’m only half joking when I tell my friends that I really could eat instant noodles for the rest of my life, no cap. I know that for many, the noods are merely a means to an end, a back up meal for when they’re too tired to cook, or a quick supper fix for students entrapped by the hall life. But believe me when I say that instant noodles are reserved for treat days, for me.

A collage of instant noodles & a screengrab of user's IG handle

There’s little not to love about piping hot umami-laden soup, springy al dente noodles (takes a pro to cook it to perfection of course), and the sweet, sweet taste of MSG. Okay, so maybe not the last point. But nothing spells comfort like n-o-o-d-s. This self-proclaimed enthusiast definitely has a list of favourites to show for it, but @instantnoodlesreviewer on Instagram takes it to a whole new level by dedicating an entire account to reviewing instant noodles, and I must say I do respect the hustle.

A collage of instant noodles

They’re accepting submissions (otherwise known as “poison”, as the user terms it) from the instant noodle community—AKA my cue to shine. Just like many who have gone before me, I do consider Samyang‘s Spicy Carbonara Noodles, Indomie’s Original Flavour Noodles, and Nissin’s Tom Yam Seafood Noodles to be the holy grail of instant noodles. In fact, I often (not so) jokingly say that Momofuku Ando, inventor of the instant ramen, is unapologetically my light and saviour.

Jin Ramen

The user behind the account is slowly, but surely, going down the list of submissions, and has so far covered the likes of Jin Ramen, Shin Ramyun, Unif, A1, Prima Taste, Samyang, Ottogi, and I only look forward to seeing what else’s next.

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