Wear what you eat with these adorable food-themed bags from Japan

Food constitutes a part of our identity that’s often larger than we think, from health reminders ensconced in the adage of ‘you are what you eat’ to its literal translation into a fashion statement with food costumes. Thank heavens for the evolving nature of fashion, for we now have a more subtle way to showcase our likes with the recent trend of food-themed bags. Japanese brand No-ticca hops on this, introducing handmade Japanese food-themed bags and pouches that would make any avid fan of Japanese cuisine swoon. 

Bread Bag And Jam Pouch

Instead of carrying a bag containing bread, you can now carry a bread bag. A loaf of bread sits in its transparent packaging, fastened with a food clip. This adorable bag is meant to be paired with its breakfast counterpart, an attachable strawberry jam pouch. When someone asks what you’ve had for breakfast, you can now show without telling.

Onigiri Pouch
Onigiri Pouch Lining

Onigiri is a popular go-to snack that is affordable and filling, a convenient option for you to grab off the shelves of 7-11. This common favourite now appears in the form of pouches (S$30.50), backpacks and sling bags, where these black and white carriers may just win the hearts of monochromatic lovers. As an added surprise, the inner lining of this pouch is dotted with salmon, roe, ebi, and tuna—our common orders at sushi joints we love.

Also, due to its handmade nature, the maker made a disclaimer that there may be some misalignment of the seaweed, but unlike in most situations, thankfully, your precious rice ball won’t fall out. 

Cold Tofu Boxy Pouch

A side dish staple in Japanese restaurants, the iteration of silken cold tofu in a boxy pouch, is an accessory I never knew I needed. While you can’t dip this tofu into soy sauce with your chopsticks, you can choose its topping, natto or spring onions. Its small and compact size is not only great for an errand day, this cute accessory will also add a kawaii edge to your outfit and guarantee some head-turning on the street.

Many other cute designs are up for sale as well, but as expected, they are selling like hotcakes. If they’ve caught your attention and you crave for this fashion item, not to worry, as you can follow Noti-cca’s Gallery‘s page and be notified first-hand. Fans of the Bread bag and Onigiri shoulder bag can save their disappointment, as the bread bag is currently being prototyped and will be on sale soon. The Onigiri shoulder bag is also available for purchase on No-ticca’s Gallery on 8 May 2021, 9pm.

Even if you’re not on diet, how can you resist these?

Date & Time: No-ticca’s Japanese food-themed bags are available for purchase on Minne

Prices: S$30.50 for Onigiri pouch 

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