World’s rudest restaurant, Karen’s Diner to open its doors in Singapore, serving up quality food & abuses

Have you seen videos of a restaurant with the staff using unholy words, cursing, and using explicit gestures? Did the customers look terrified as they were about to order? If you don’t know what I’m talking about already, it’s the latest viral sensation that’s Karen’s Diner.

Lucky (or unlucky) for the citizens of our tiny city, we have a chance to experience rudeness at its finest in a pop-up version of this fascinating concept, produced by Explore Hidden. It’s the first one ever in Asia! Although a launch date hasn’t been revealed yet, we have until 31 May 2023 to try it out!

Karen's Diner - The decor

Pay to get deliberately bad service and so much more in this unique experience. It began in Sydney and soon spread across many cities due to its immense popularity.

Some context for the clueless: the term “Karen” is popularly used for individuals of privilege who fight to get their own way, with the typical example being a middle-aged white woman behaving in an entitled and rude manner in public.

Karen's Diner - close up of food

Karen’s Diner functions in the style of a 1960’s American diner, so although the service is “terrible”, you do get some good food. You have the choices of Western cuisine essentials like burgers, fries, milkshakes and more.

They have a selection of 11 themed burgers like The ‘I Want to See the Manager’ Karen, which is a wagyu beef burger, and the Tradie Karen breakfast burger. Their unique cocktails also have amusing names like The Tropical Karen, The City Karen, Karen’s Fiery Apple Pie, and The 90s Karen which is an alcoholic coke float. The full menu and prices for the Singapore pop-up are yet to be released. 

Karen's Diner - The staff

Adding to the exciting experience is keeping the location of the pop-up hush hush, but you can sign up for first dibs on the address if you register your interest on their website.

Fun fact: If your name is actually Karen, just show your ID to get a free drink! It’s the only thing they’ll be nice about. 

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