First dibs: I tried the Krispy Kreme x Minions collection donuts & it’s Gru-ooooood!

Just a few months back, the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru created a TikTok trend #Gentleminions, which prompted young Singaporean males to dress up in suits and ties when watching the movie. If you think the Minions fever has already died down, well you’re wrong! Popular donut chain, Krispy Kreme, has launched its Krispy Kreme x Minions collection recently on 14 October 2022 and I managed to grab some to try.

krispy kreme minion donuts - stall front

I headed down to the Krispy Kreme outlet at PLQ Mall as I was in the area and spotted the cute Minions signage printed on the countertops.

krispy kreme minion donuts - donuts on display

The exclusive Minions donuts come in three designs that are modelled after the characters, Bob, Otto and Stuart (S$4.20 each). They looked a little too adorable to be gobbled up.

krispy kreme minion donuts - entire donut pic

If you purchase them in a box of six, you’ll be able to get a cute-looking Minions box for you to put your donuts in. If you’re like me and put the donuts individually in their takeaway paper bags, you’ll risk getting the chocolate designs smeared away under Singapore’s intense weather.

krispy kreme minion donuts - donut filling

The black and white eyes of the Minions are made up of icing and taste mildly sweet. The bright yellow glaze of the donuts are banana-flavoured and I’m glad they are not intensely sweet and artificial tasting.

Upon biting into the donuts, you’ll be greeted with a rich flowy chocolate fudge filling that bursts in your mouth— very rich and decadent indeed!

krispy kreme minion donuts - minions merchandise

While the Minions donuts are on sale, why not get your hands on some limited edition merchandise? The Stickers Reel (S$4.90) is available from 14 October, and it features stickers in various designs that pull out like a measuring tape.

There will also be Water Bottles designed after the characters, Dave and Carl (S$9.90 each), and they will be available for purchase from 28 October.

krispy kreme minion donuts - minions with donut

Minion fans, what are you waiting for? Head down to any Krispy Kreme doughnut outlet in Singapore now and get your hands on these donuts, while stocks last!

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