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Man Fu Yuan 满福苑 (InterContinental): Singapore Food Review

Last Updated: November 7, 2016

Written by Bon Koh

“A Taste of Nostalgia”

man fu yuan logo

A favoured haunt of Singapore’s most discerning Cantonese food gourmands, Man Fu Yuan is a contemporary Chinese restaurant situated in the heart of renowned hotel InterContinental Singapore. The newly refurbished restaurant boasts Peranakan-inspired interiors of beautiful butterfly chandeliers and elegant hand-painted walls, providing a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

The perfect amalgamation of the very best of old and new world Cantonese cuisine, the dishes exhibit a contemporary edge – from tea-infused specialty repasts to delicate handcrafted dim sum, every dish using the freshest ingredients available.

man fu yuan interior

In an effort to bring back the “good ol’ days” and celebrate the memories of a bygone era, Chinese Executive Chef Kwan Yiu Kwan presents the “Taste of Nostalgia”, a series of dishes designed to encompass the glorious tastes of yesteryear. The dishes for the “Taste of Nostalgia” menu changes monthly.

man fu yuan appetiser

Salmon Caviar roll (appetiser). The slight saltiness of the smoked salmon went very well with the fresh leaves. Do note that appetisers are subject to change, and are up to the chef to decide.

man fu yuan char siew

Signature Tea-Smoked Pork Belly Char Siew ($24) – Taste of Nostalgia menu. The pork belly is marinated in a combination of Chinese rose wine and barbecue sauce, then roasted by means of the traditional Szechuan method of smoking the char siew in a wok to give off a distinct delicious smoky aftertaste. The maltose glaze finish offers a surprisingly sweet sensation to the crisp skin, a gateway to the succulent full-flavoured meat within.

man fu yuan beef stew (pot)

Assorted Beef & Beef Ball Stew ($28) – Taste of Nostalgia menu. Do not be fooled by it’s cluttered appearance, this pot of beef stew is bound to leave your taste buds soaring. Each beef ball is handmade, and collapses delicately upon entering the mouth to reveal a flavoursome herbal sensation.

man fu yuan har gao

Prawn Dumpling ‘Har Ka’ ($6.80 for 3 pieces). The seemingly thin, translucent skin has surprisingly adequate structural integrity to secure the generous volume of fresh prawn within, yet falls apart softly in your mouth.

man fu yuan rice roll

Rice Roll with Scallops and Garlic ($8.80). I was pleasantly taken aback by the scallops hidden within the layers of the soft, fluffy rice rolls. Definitely a Chee Cheong Fun twist to the deep-rooted Cantonese dish.

man fu yuan siew mai

Minced Pork Dumpling with Scallops ($6.80 for 3 pieces). What Cantonese meal can be complete without a hearty serving of ‘Siew Mai’? The addition of a layer of scallop, flying fish roe and parsley enhances the textures felt when biting down onto the dumpling, complementing the soft crunch the generous amount of succulent, fresh prawns within already bestowed.

man fu yuan taro cake

Deep Fried Taro Cake ($6.80 for 3 pieces). Lightly fried and airy, the crispy crust crumbles and goes very well with the sweet dough within by adding layers of textures to the taste. The black sesame seeds also subtly balances the sweetness out.

man fu yuan dumpling

 “Jing Chuan” Dumpling ($6.80 for 3 pieces). Apart from the chilli slices on the dumplings being very, very spicy (be careful not to bite into them), this age-old Cantonese dish will leave you wanting for more. The meat within is fragrant and, unlike most dumplings, dense. This offers a firmer “chomp” and a heavier sensation to the meat, not light and airy.

man fu yuan glutinous rice (unwrapped)man fu yuan glutinous rice

Eight Treasures Glutinous Rice with Chicken ($6.80 for 3 pieces). These glutinous rice balls are definitely blasts from the past to many. The entire process of unwrapping the leaves to uncover the glutinous glory complete with salted egg yolk and meat within is sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia.

man fu yuan fish head

Steamed Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce ($28). Homemade soy sauce is generously lathered across the fish head, complete with morsels of crisp-fried lard to add to the texture. Rather than use soy sauce from bottles, it is all self made through a tedious process to give it a distinct fragrance, with a subtle hint of sweetness which goes very well with the fresh fish.

man fu yuan soup

Double-boiled Dumpling and Assorted Seafood with Superior Stock ($13.80). A huge hand-folded thin-skinned dumpling lies within the sweet and clear broth. This dish makes a very good palate cleanser, especially with the fresh mushroom bits inside the dumpling. However it can get quite messy to eat.

man fu yuan liu sha bao (fried)

Golden Custard Bun “Liu Sha Bao” (fried). This golden treasure chest is no stranger to any dim sum lover, and boy, does Man Fu Yuan deliver. The fried version of the “Liu Sha Bao” boasts a smooth and shiny glazed exterior, crisp to the touch. The thickness of the crust is just nice – upon biting into it, warm salted egg yolk with a surprisingly subtle sweetness dribbles out gently into your mouth.

man fu yuan liu sha bao

Golden Custard Bun “Liu Sha Bao” (steamed). The fluffy white steamed version is soft to the touch, served at just the right temperature (not scalding hot). The dough is light and breaks apart easily to give way to the golden goodness within.

man fu yuan restaurant

The staff are warm and pleasant, and are very prompt in clearing our plates, making sure we had everything we needed. A good range of dim sum classics made by a Cantonese Hong Kong chef, Man Fu Yuan also serves a dim sum buffet at $88++ with a mix of Chinese dishes as well. Definitely a recommended restaurant for it’s authenticity.

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Expected Damage: $30-$50/pax

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Man Fu Yuan 满福苑: 80 Middle Road, Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore 188966 |Tel: 63387600 | Website

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