New in town: Market Blue — Your one-stop Korean shop for all things Korean as if you’re in Seoul

Tanglin Mall seems to be turning into a Korean haven, with their recent inclusion of B for Bagel and the newest addition of Market Blue.

Newly opened, Market Blue is a premium lifestyle Korean mart that is disguised as a compact market, but in actuality is an all-in-one market space that includes a spectrum of unique experiences.

From a ramyeon library to a meat grocer to an authentic Korean restaurant, their space even includes a photo booth for you to picture these great moments with friends!

Market Blue 1

Market Blue 5

Previously named Blue Basket, the online Korean supermarket provided authentic Korean groceries that could not be physically attained in Singapore.

Now, they’ve brought the full Korean experience to you— whether it’s having KBBQ by the mall or grabbing S$2 exclusive Korean ramyeon packets, they got it covered. Don’t even bother purchasing a ticket to Seoul anymore.

Market Blue 2

If you’re familiar with the popular Starfield Library located in Seoul, Market Blue’s Ramyeon Library comes close. Instead of books, what fills the shelves are over 20 different types of Korean ramyeon packets instead! Grab a packet and take aesthetic pictures along the way.

Its colourful set-up arranged in the colours of the rainbow sets up a vibrant spot for instant noodle lovers.

Market Blue 3

Haven’t I mentioned? This place is a one-stop Korean shop! Their in-house restaurant, Gogipan, offers a countless array of Korean delicacies.

Their hot kitchen serves up a nice authentic rendition of Baekban, defined as “white rice” in Korean. It is generally understood in Korea as a home-cooked style meal that consist of a platter of side dishes, soup and meat. In this case, Gogipan’s choice of protein is pork.

I also heard that in Korea, the Baekban dish is traditionally hand-picked and assorted by mothers. It exudes feelings of homeliness and warmth… What could ever beat the heartfelt warmth of a mother’s cooking?

Going for S$24.90, the dish is now at a seasonal price of S$19.90 for their opening promotion.

Market Blue 4

Market Blue includes an array of authentic Korean street foods, one included is the Rose tteokbokki (S$12.90)! Slathered in a thick rose sauce (similar to Italian pasta), this popular street dish is cheesy and delightful. What’s interesting is the addition of tater tots, giving it a western fusion twist to traditional Korean street foods.

Looking through reviews, I noted that many Koreans actually mentioned how their food reminds them of home. It’s nice to see that Market Blue created a space of home, away from home.

The space serves up a full experience. When I mean that, their store includes all sorts of things from aesthetic lifestyle products, a butchery serving Korean cuts, Korean vinyls and cooking utensils! In Singapore, we’ve never had a space curated specifically to mimic the whole Korean experience— until now, that is, now that Market Blue has created their brick and mortar store to bring us an unforgettable experience.

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Market Blue

163 Tanglin Road, #B1-122, Singapore, Singapore 247933

Market Blue

163 Tanglin Road, #B1-122, Singapore, Singapore 247933

Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 5pm (Daily)
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