MEDZS @ Millenia Walk: Singapore Food Review

“Craft beers and Mediterranean Tapas”

MEDZS is launching a brand new weekend brunch menu and I’ve the pleasure of sampling the brand new items firsthand.

A mix of French, Spanish, Moroccan, Italian, Greek and Turkish cuisines, MEDZS wasn’t kidding around when they declared themselves a Mediterranean restaurant.

MEDZS restaurant Millenia walkThe dining interior style is akin to Marche restaurant, with patrons being given a card upon entry. You go to a stall you like, which each features one nationality’s cuisine, order, then pass them your card. The chef scans the card, and returns it to you so you can order from more stalls later on.

After dining, you pay at the cashier according to the dishes recorded in your card.

Le Jolly Monsieur MEDZS

Le Jolly Monsieur ($13.90). Obviously named after the French croque-monsieur, this is in essence a huge grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Very filling from all the bread, and still comes with bratwurst, bacon and mashed potatoes. I’ve to say the mashed potatoes are pretty good with slight chunks and not overly creamy.

Bouncy benedict MEDZS

Bouncy Benedict ($14.90). The MEDZS’ take on eggs benedict; you don’t get any more brunchy than this. There seems to be a slight citrus zest in the hollandaise sauce, giving it a more interesting texture and not overly yolky. Also comes with rosti that’s decently flavored and not overly oily.

Stacked brunch torte MEDZS

Toasty Tortilla ($14.90). Resembling a quiche, this brunch Spanish omelette was fluffy and soft with bacon bits in between. The sweet onions also added to the sweetness of this egg tortilla. Comes with bread on the side too, which seems a bit overkill.

Toasty Tortilla MEDZS

Stacked Brunch Torte ($14.90). Looking like a mega-sized tortilla, I found this crispy puff pastry top extremely cumbersome to cut and eat. Filled with egg, bell-peppers, cheese, ham and spinach, there’s a lot of flavors going on in 1 bite.

egg-crowned shakshouka MEDZS

Egg-crowned Shakshouka ($14.90). A Moroccan stew of eggs poached in tomato sauce and lamb. There’s also a garlic ‘prata-like’ toast to mop up the gamey, spicy sauce. Basically Shakshouka means ‘a mixture’ in Arabic, and is a staple dish there, but not quite sure this is suitable for breakfast in Asia as we tend not to eat so heavy spiced flavors in the morning. The lamb gaminess was also quite overwhelming for a few of the tasters.

Initially I thought the egg was added into the stew to make it more breakfastish on purpose locally, but apparently that’s the real way it’s done in Morocco as well.

Poseidon's Wrap MEDZS

Poseidon’s Wrap ($14.90). A Greek-themed wrap of prawn, fish, squid, tomato, lettuce, scrambled egg and Tzatziki yoghurt sauce with salad on the side, this definitely beats KFC’s chicken wrap. Ample amounts of filling, but a tad tough skin wrap.

A berry pancake gala MEDZS

A Berry Pancake Gala ($12.90). Surprising find of really good pancakes here. Lightly made pancakes with sufficient air between the batter, the berries sauce goes really well with the batter. The vanilla sauce on the side is also a good choice to add into the mix.

rainbow cake singapore MEDZS

Rainbow Cake. Really pretty cake that MEDZS serves too! It’s mostly food coloring though, and just cream in-between. More aesthetic than substance.

MEDZS millenia walk beers

MEDZS also has an amazing array of beers from all over the world, and boasts it’s own MEDZS Bar.

Although it was quite a hassle to split each dish amongst 7 of us at the tasting table with my unproportionate knifing skills, while the food names are cheesy to no end, the food is overall pretty decent and affordably priced.

Many of the items have quite complex taste and heavy spices which you’ll have to decide whether is suitable for breakfast or not.

The brunch menu also alternates each week, so don’t be alarmed not to find what was featured here.

MEDZS millenia walk singapore

I found it a bit odd that the staff were quite clueless about many of the dishes, though it was explained to me that since most of the ordering is done with the individual stalls directly, the floor staff aren’t usually trained to answer questions about the food.

Special thanks to Brand Cellar for the media invite and for hosting me here.

Expected Damage: $15 – $25

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MEDZS Restaurant:  9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, #01-46, Singapore 039596 | Tel: 6337 7507 | Facebook