New in town: Punggol pasar malam has officially landed on 25 June 2022

With the recent pasar malams pitching their tents at Woodlands and Tampines, the residents of Punggol were eagerly waiting for their turn. After a recent postponement happening a couple of months back which left them disappointed, I’m glad to announce that the wait is finally over! The Punggol pasar malam has finally kick-started its operations from 25 June to 10 July 2022.

punggol pasar malam - fun fair

Unlike the one at Woodlands which has an amusement park, the Punggol pasar malam is a much more scaled-down version. It is located on the big grass field just outside Punggol MRT Station, with two distinct areas.

The first area is filled with a variety of interesting food and drink stalls, while the other side houses various claw machines with all kinds of plushies up for grabs, as well as a range of fun fair activities.

punggol pasar malam - burger stall

One interesting stall to look out for at the Punggol pasar malam is Cheeseburger Dunk, which uses black charcoal sesame buns which replaces the normal ones. Customers can have a choice of either black pepper sauce or nachos cheese sauce— the entire burger filling will be dipped into either one of those sauces! They have options like the Double Smashed Cheeseburger With Wedges (S$8.90) and Hawaiian Chicken Burger Turkey Bacon With Wedges (S$8.90). Get your paper napkins ready as your hands are going to get real messy!

punggol pasar malam - lekor

Lekor is a traditional Malay fish cracker snack originating from the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is made from a combination of sago flour and fish, seasoned with salt and sugar— one of my favourite things to put in my mouth! Just imagine it to be a combination of a mochi and fish keropok.

Jom Lekor at the Punggol pasar malam has interesting flavours (S$6.90 each) such as Cheese Mayo, Nutella and Chilli. I went for the Sambal Kicap which is an Indonesian sweet soy sauce. The lekor was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The Sambal Kicap was sweet but delivered a fiery aftershock which immediately perked me up— I highly recommend it to those who love spicy food.

punggol pasar malam - thai skewers

Look out for a brightly-lit shop called Thai Skewers. They have various meats like Chicken and Pork (S$2 for 1 and S$5 for 3). The juicy chicken skewers had a nice smoky flavour and were tender. I just wished it had a bit more seasoning. The  pork skewers were extremely juicy and tasty— I’d return to this stall just to buy them again!

punggol pasar malam - stalls

Do check out the Punggol pasar malam soon. I see myself returning for more lekor and Thai pork skewers for sure!

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