Savour the pink strawberry-flavoured Red Bean’O from Old Chang Kee available till 9 Oct only

After winning our hearts with their Salted Yam’O, Old Chang Kee Singapore is back to tickle our fancy with a brand new puff, the Red Bean’O

Red Bean O Online 2
Credit – Old Chang Kee Singapore

Specially curated in celebration of Children’s Day, the Red Bean’O (S$1.60) is a sweet dessert puff available only for one week at all Old Chang Kee outlets islandwide from 2 to 9 October 2020.

Adding onto their limited-edition fruit puffs which include the likes of the Durian Puff, the Red Bean’O takes on a slight pinkish appearance attributed to its unique pastry shell made with strawberries specially imported from New Zealand. 

Red Bean O Online 1 2
Credit – Old Chang Kee Singapore

Encased in the rich and crumbly strawberry puff is a generous amount of red bean filling that is rich with sweet-nuttiness to complement its fruity fragrance.

Having patronised Old Chang Kee for more than twenty years, I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products. I might not be a fan of red bean, but I’m certainly getting the Red Bean’O for my little nephews, just to win some good aunty points.

Date & Time: Available at all Old Chang Kee outlets from 2 to 9 October 2020

Price: S$1.60 per Red Bean’O