Get Your Hands On Honey Joy-Inspired & Traditional Onde-Onde KitKat Now Avail On RedMart

Ondeh Ondeh Kitkat 2

Just a while back, we witnessed KitKat’s release of intriguing local flavours for their chocolate, including Kopitiam Breakfast and Cendol at their exclusive Chocolatory Pop-up store at Vivo.

It appears that their relentless pursuit in proving that any flavour goes with KitKat did not cease then; Onde-Onde and Honey Corn Flakes have quietly joined the list recently.

Like other exclusive flavours, each box is priced at S$7.50 and available for purchase online. They are a tad bit pricier than your regular KitKat, but you’ve got to let it slide on account that these flavours are handmade without added preservatives.

Ondeh Ondeh Kitkat 3

The Traditional Onde-Onde is KitKat’s rendition of the delightful ondeh-ondeh kueh. Expecting gula melaka to ooze from the wafer is admittedly a tall order; we’ll settle for their pandan infused chocolate dusted with coconut shavings.

Ondeh Ondeh Kitkat 4

Some of us know the second flavour better as Honey Joys, and it couldn’t be named better. Honey Corn Flakes-inspired KitKat is probably one of the safer newfangled flavours you might want to try; I trust it can’t go wrong.

While these two flavours are newly released, you could get your hands on the other locally-inspired KitKat flavours if you’ve missed them at the pop-up earlier this year. We’re talking about Nasi Lemak, Durian and even Chilli Crab.

Dates & times: Now available on RedMart

Price: S$7.50 per box