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“Satisfying steamboat meal in a relaxing ambience”

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Located at the heart of a business park, Peach Garden at Metropolis provides a hearty meal for busy executives or an intimate setting for families on a quiet weekend. It is a cozy interior with warm lights and auspicious red decor – anymore packed and it’ll start to feel a little too tight.
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In addition to the ala-carte menu and set menus, Peach Garden at Metropolis has also launched an ala-carte steamboat menu at selected outlets that is available during dinner.

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Yuan Yang Pot ($20). There are six available soup base you can choose from, but we chose to go with two different broths – Tom Yum soup and Tomato Pork Bone soup. The soup bases are great even before cooking any ingredients in it. The tom yum broth was flavoursome but a little too tangy for my liking.

The tomato pork bone soup was a thick broth probably simmered for hours without too much of a tomato taste, this is great for those who prefer their soup base rich and slightly greasy.

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They have a few condiments available – garlic chilli, spring onions, minced garlic and cut chilli.

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Handmade Pork Meatball ($8 per portion). Their handmade meatballs are freshly made and definitely tastes much better than those factory-made. The texture is bouncy and the meat is well-seasoned. Handmade Mud Carp Fishball ($10 per portion). The fish paste used is quite dense but slightly starchy for my liking. The pork ones are definitely much better. peach garden - dumpling

Fresh Prawn Dumplings ($6.50). The skin was not too thick, didn’t disintegrate in the soup like many other dumplings, and the filling was well-seasoned. There is a whole prawn inside the dumpling which is very satisfying. peach garden - fish slices

Sliced Fish ($12 per portion). The meat flakes off nicely after simmering it in the soup, but not much flavour to this fish. peach garden - pork

American Kurobuta Pork Belly ($11 per portion). The slices were decent but had a lot of fat which made it soft, but didn’t have as much flavour as other kurobuta with more meat.

peach garden - beef

American Sliced Beef ($16 per portion). The fat marbling of the beef slices looks amazing, and the texture certainly did not disappoint after blanching it in rich broth. Just about dipping a slice 10 seconds in the boiling soup will yield you perfect beef that isn’t overcooked, and retains flavour and juiciness. peach garden - baby abalone

Baby abalone ($12 per portion). It was a lot smaller than it looks here, with typical abalone sponginess. peach garden - prawns

Prawns ($5 per 100g). These Tiger Prawns were really fresh and sweet, it is worth ordering for that pricing. One of the live prawns was even still struggling despite being skewered all the way through. The freshness is no joke.

peach garden - golden mushroom

Enoki Mushroom ($4.80 per portion)

peach garden - vegetables

Spinach ($3.80 per portion).

peach garden - tofu skin

Fried Gluten Puff ($4.80 per portion). These fried beancurd layers are pretty tasty without even simmered in the broth. It is crisp on the outside and the inner layers were soft and chewy. Overall, the restaurant does not scrimp on the quality and freshness of their ingredients like many disappointing steamboat restaurants do. The pricing is affordable, the service and ambience provided a satisfying experience.

Peach Garden’s ala-carte steamboat at Metropolis is definitely a great alternative other than their usual Cantonese cuisine. Ala-carte steamboat is available from Monday to Sunday, from 5pm – 10pm

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Expected damage: $30/pax

Peach Garden @ The Metropolis: 9 North Buona Vista Drive #02-02, The Metropolis Tower 1 Singapore 138588 | Website