Upcoming Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023 bazaar will have 86 food stalls at Kampong Glam

The renowned neighbourhood of Kampong Glam is preparing itself to welcome back its annual Ramadan bazaar with Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023 happening from 15 Mar to 16 Apr 2023.

raikan ramadan - bazaar crowd
Credit – One Kampong Gelam

The upcoming event is expected to be the biggest line-up of booths to-date. You may be wondering what there is to see and do, so let me break it down for you.

raikan ramadan - bazaar martabak
Credit – One Kampong Gelam

For starters, go with an empty belly as there are a total of 86 food stalls running daily for you and your family to have a gastronomic feast!

You can expect a spectacle of impressive outdoor grills, lively food trucks as well as a lavish 2-storey mezzanine for dining on the top floor.

raikan ramadan - bazaar kebab
Credit – One Kampong Gelam

Relish in a galore of traditional specialties such as Kuih Raya and satay, a selection of local seafood, deep-fried snacks and trendy street foods. You can choose to have the food outdoors or head upstairs to the mezzanine seats where you can people-watch.

To reunite the people into sharing their food, One Kampong Gelam will be organising a 1-day only Mass Iftar (evening meal to break the fast) at Arab Street on 1 Apr 2023.

raikan ramadan - iftar gathering
Credit – One Kampong Gelam

Those in favour can purchase tables in advance for their personal Iftar, or pay-it-forward for beneficiaries of the Jalan Besar GRC and Mosque Sultan Community Chest.

raikan ramadan - bazaar martabak
Credit – One Kampong Gelam

You can also shop at the 23 retail booths spread out between various F&B zones. They boast an array of modern arts, traditional crafts and apparel by independent artists.

From Fridays to Sundays, get your cameras (or phones) ready as you immerse yourself in a projection lighting spectacle which illuminates the facade of the iconic Masjid Sultan. It showcases the evolving arts and culture of Kampong Glam.

raikan ramadan - light display
Credit – One Kampong Gelam

There will also be drone-controlled LED kites hovering over the Sultan Gate area which proudly flaunt brightly-coloured light displays. There will also be micro light installations to liven the atmosphere.

To top it all off, there will be a main stage at the Baghdad Street carpark where you can enjoy traditional and modern dances, enriching live dialogues, and live music performances by various singers.

Folks, mark your calendars for Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023.

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