Traditional pandan waffles by Small Bites with unique spreads like orh nee & black sesame next to Maxwell MRT

I am a dessert girl. Any type of dessert, you name it, I’ll have it. I am also a person who loves her waffles very much, so obviously I had to try out these unique renditions that Small Bites offers to see if they are any better than my typical pairings! Located right next to Maxwell MRT, it makes it even easier to snag these traditional treats.

Small Bites 1

Concealed in the vicinity of shophouses and HDB blocks along Kreta Ayer Road lies Small Bites, a humble shop that sells finger foods like curry puffs, you tiao, and traditional pandan waffles. They also have several meal options like fried rice or fried noodles packed in pre-packed boxes that are portioned out for you at the side.

Small Bites 2

Now onto the waffles. Small Bites provides the usual spreads of peanut butter, kaya, and chocolate. I got so bored of these spreads that I curated my own combinations of kaya-peanut butter waffles (I believe this is the best combination till date).

What’s eye catching is their myriad of really unique spreads that I’ve never seen before, such as taro, milo custard and shredded coconut with gula melaka. They seem to take influence from other traditional snacks like min chiang kueh!

Small Bites 3

Spoilt for choice from their selection, I tried the most unusual and uncommon choice— the Taro Waffle (S$2.50). First look and I saw a generous amount of taro spread smeared onto the batter. So worth! Bakeries usually scrimp on spreads, but Small Bites is very generous with it.

This tasted very unique to me. Pandan waffles are traditionally paired with sweeter counterparts but the taro filling tasted exactly like the Chinese dessert, orh nee. If you tried yam paste before, it has a distinct mix of sweet and savoury. Personally, I would still prefer both desserts separated. I just really enjoy my sweets! It’s still a great option to try out if you’re looking for a change though.

Small Bites 4

Next up, I had the Banana Oatmeal Purée Waffle (S$2.80). When I asked for a recommendation at Small Bites, the lady specifically mentioned this flavour and the Japanese Roasted Sesame Waffle (S$2.80). She specified that they used real mashed bananas and oatmeal, no wonder it didn’t taste artificially sweetened!

I particularly liked this choice, a nice stray away from my usual order.

With the myriad of choices that I can pair with the traditional pandan waffle at Small Bites, I am intrigued by their other outstanding flavours. Surely they’ll render a long queue of adventurous people trying them out!

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Small Bites

333 Kreta Ayer Road, Kreta Ayer Heights, #01-29, Singapore 080333

Small Bites

333 Kreta Ayer Road, Kreta Ayer Heights, #01-29, Singapore 080333

Operating Hours: 12pm - 7pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 12pm - 7pm (Daily)