Super Sub: Creative Hotdog Subs With Gourmet Toppings at Suntec

When my friend first recommended Super Sub to me, I was pretty sceptical. I’ve always wondered how hotdogs can fill up your tummy because the portions always looked meagre to me. Because I’ve always been using IKEA hotdogs as a benchmark, I never knew how a sub loaded with toppings looked like—until I saw Super Sub’s hotdogs. 

Located at Suntec City, Super Sub first opened its doors to the public in September 2019. Even though their main focus lies in their toppings, they use specially-made chicken hotdogs that are customised and locally produced. The premium chicken hotdogs have no added MSG, and are naturally smoked. If chicken hotdogs are not for you, you also have the option to swap it out for Super Sub’s vegetarian soy hotdogs. 

In my own little world, hotdogs with toppings other than the obvious mustard and chilli squirts are obscure. It does seem like something I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy, but hearing my friend rave on and on about Super Sub, I decided to give it a shot. Boy, was I glad I did!

Super Sub Singapore 6

Because of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, I had the subs delivered right to my doorstep. The first thing I noticed was the aroma wafting through the air while I carried it into the house. The subs came in cardboard boxes which reminded me of those you might spot at a food festival or carnival. 

Each sub came with a side of plain nachos, in case you want to dip into the bountiful toppings sitting atop your sub. Super Sub had a plethora of gourmet options, and I decided to try some of their more famous toppings. 

Super Sub Singapore

When I took a bite out of the King Guacamole (S$8.80), I immediately knew this was for the health junkies out there. If you’ve been spending your time this ‘Circuit Breaker’ exercising at home and watching your diet, this might be the perfect lunch for you to indulge in. 

Packed with rocket leaves, jalapenos, capsicum, black olives and mayonnaise, the King Guacamole was exceptionally fresh. If you love avocados, you’ll definitely love this sub. I especially liked the crunch that the different components contributed to the entire dish. 

Super Sub Singapore 2

If you follow Super Sub’s Instagram account, you’ll see that one of the most popular and well-loved flavours is the Heavenly Yuzu Crab (S$8.80). Packed with lettuce, pickled cucumber, purple onions, pomegranate seeds and mayonnaise, the soft crab meat was the star of the show. 

Super Sub Singapore 11

I was absolutely impressed at how strongly the brininess of the crab shone through, and how it didn’t compromise on the sweet, zesty yuzu flavour as well. The cucumbers added a nice crunch to the dish, and I felt like the dish was very fresh overall. 

Initially, I was a little surprised to see pomegranate seeds inside the sub, but it paired well with the yuzu and it grew on me real quick. I wouldn’t say this was my favourite sub out of all the subs I tried though, because I’m not really inclined to have crab in my meals. However, if you love crab meat, you’ll definitely enjoy this sub. 

Super Sub Singapore 3

One whiff of Super Sub’s Truffle Egg Mayo-nice (S$8.80) and I could already detect the slightly earthy aroma of the truffle. With lettuce, spring onions, pickled cucumbers, yellow corn, black olives, and mayonnaise generously piled onto the sub, it looked absolutely appetising. 

Super Sub Singapore 7

Relishing this delicious sub invoked nostalgic feelings in me—I used to love having egg mayo sandwiches as a kid. The creaminess of the egg was astounding, with strong notes of earthy truffle accompanying it. Once again, the vegetables provided a fresh, crunchy texture to the sub. 

I would definitely recommend Super Sub’s Truffle Egg Mayo-nice to anyone who is still deciding which flavour to try out. This was indeed one of my favourites from the eatery. 

Super Sub Singapore 5

I had high hopes for the Oh My Mac ‘n’ Cheese (S$7.80) when I first saw it, because of how the sub was jam-packed with my favourite pasta. The sub included lettuce, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise, elbow pasta, and was sprinkled with shredded cheese. 

I do have to say it was a little underwhelming though, because it wasn’t really as cheesy as I expected, despite its looks. To me, the cheesier, the better. I couldn’t help but notice that this tasted a little store-bought to me, even though I don’t think that’s the case. 

Nevertheless, if you like cheesy dishes that aren’t too overwhelming, this might still tickle your fancy. 

Super Sub Singapore 4

Hold on to your seats, because I saved the best for last. Super Sub’s Fiery Chic Bolognese (S$7.80) is one of their best-sellers, and for good reason.

Topped with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese, this tomato-based sub may look rather unassuming at first glance. 

Super Sub Singapore 10

The slightly spicy meat sauce was absolutely delicious and it went extremely well with the chicken hotdog. It’s only mildly spicy, so if you’re a spice lover, don’t expect to be blown away! I did love how the tomato sauce remained tangy and sweet. 

Perfect for meat lovers, the Fiery Chic Bolognese is definitely crowned the king of Super Sub in my books. You should check this out if you have the chance to. 

Most of Super Sub’s drinks are housemade, and I had the pleasure of washing the meal down with their Iced Honey Lemongrass (S$3/regular, S$4 /large). A truly natural, refreshing drink, this wasn’t too sweet because there was no sugar added into it.

Super Sub is available for islandwide delivery this Circuit Breaker at S$5 – S$10 delivery fee. Do hop online to their Facebook page for more information on how to order your delectable subs. If you’re looking for a hearty hotdog sub meal, I urge you to give Super Sub a shot—I just know you won’t regret it! 

Expected Damage: S$8 – S$9 per pax | S$5 – S$10 fee for islandwide delivery

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Super Sub

Suntec City, Tower 5, #B1-K8, Singapore 038983

Our Rating 4/5

Super Sub

Suntec City, Tower 5, #B1-K8, Singapore 038983

Telephone: +65 6902 6503
Operating Hours: 8.30am - 7pm (Mon to Fri), 10.30am - 7pm (Sat & Sun)
Telephone: +65 6902 6503

Operating Hours: 8.30am - 7pm (Mon to Fri), 10.30am - 7pm (Sat & Sun)
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