‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #032 — Singapore’s plan to charge for plastic bags

We guess Barbie wasn’t right after all; life in plastic isn’t fantastic after all. With Singapore’s landfills slowly but surely reaching their limit, how do we move forward when it comes to plastic waste? One could easily argue burning is the simplest shortcut, but we’re all aware that that isn’t the best solution for Mother Earth. It is then that we find ourselves here, forced to re-think the amount of waste, specifically plastic waste, we use in our daily lives.

Are you guilty of reaching for a plastic bag even for the smallest of items when you shop? Our co-hosts go on a back-and-forth of why paying for plastic may not be as daunting as we might think it to be. They also suggest tips on how they personally do their part to minimise the use of plastic bags when out grocery shopping.

Assortment of plastic bags
Credit – Unsplash/Brian Yurasits

Of course, that’s not all they wax lyrical about, as you know, MasterChef Season 2 is still ongoing and it wouldn’t be a complete episode if they didn’t rant about what made them tick (or what made their evening). For this 10th episode, we try a new format as well, where we keep the conversation to only 30 minutes, in hopes of making our weekly episodes more digestible for everyone.

Now you can tune in to us while on a brisk walk/jog, or as you fold laundry, iron clothes, or whatever you imagine yourself to be doing for half an hour. We’ll gladly help you pass the time! As always, full episodes, including this one, are available on these platforms: PodbeanSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

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