Terra: Chef Seita Prepares a 1-Michelin Star Omakase Spread For You

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This fine-dining restaurant serving Tokyo-Italian cuisine is probably the most fluid one in Singapore, with the menu changing constantly according to the exclusivity of hand-picked seasonal ingredients.

Chef Seita Nakahara exclusively modifies his omakase menu to cater to every individual guest’s needs and preferences, making every visit to Terra a personalised and distinctive experience. They’ve also earned 1-Michelin Star in 2016, so you know chef Seita isn’t playing around.

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The interior is a co-mingling of soft pastel blue colours, light wood, a flower brick wall, metal statues of cows, a garden wall and glass panels. Not a exactly conventional, but nonetheless gives off a pleasant and non intimidating feel that puts you right at ease.

In the restaurant itself, there are small pockets of private areas divided by pillars for a more private setting should you wish for it.

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As always, we were served bread first. The butter, home made with Porcini and Faucacia mushrooms, give off a herby and heavy mushroomy flavour that went very well with their soft, dense bread.

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Before kicking off the omakase dinner, the waiter presents to you the main ingredients that will be incorporated into our meals.

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The first course of Chef Seita’s Omakase spread is one of Terra’s signature dishes, the Uni (Hokkaido sea urchin) Bruschetta, served with home made preserved lemons (preserved for 6-7 months).
Entwined with the thick creaminess of the uni, the preserved lemon introduces a small tinge of bitter and citrusy tang, making it a fruity melt in your mouth. At the base of the uni, the grilled bread, in contrast with the uni’s softness, adds a thin crunchy layer to the dish.

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N‌ext, the Bonito Carpaccio is served with dill sauce, Japanese cherry tomato base,  and then drizzled with olive oil.
The fresh cherry tomatoes and dill sauce added a sour and refreshing citrus tang to the otherwise fishy Bonito Carpaccio. The assorted micro-herbs on top bring in a nice clean finish to the dish.

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With Spaghettini imported directly from Italy, premium Hokkaido snow crab meat, and sweet juicy tomatoes that make up this dish, the Hokkaido King Snow Crab Spaghettini was my favourite out of all of Chef Seita’s marvellous creations.

Fresh and fresh and slightly chargrilled, the crab had a smokey hint to its luscious body. When had together with the tomatoes which had a crisp tart sweetness, the crab and spaghettini were a sublime entwinement off ingredients.

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The Hokkaido Potato Soup with Amadai Fish is hearty and savoury with the most peculiar ingredient. The Amadai Fish cooked medium rare, is served with its scales still attached to it. Don’t worry, its scales are edible and their paper-thin quality add a salty crispy crunch to its soft meat.

The light fattiness from the Amadai along with sweet Vongole clams made a wonderful pairing with acidic tomato flavours and the starchiness of the potato soup itself.

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The Spanish Hiberco Pork featured in this dish is actually meat from livestock bred by one of Chef Seita’s close friends. It comes served with a large cut of caramelised Japanese onion, winter truffle and truffle butter sauce.

The pork, tender and full of light fatty flavours with its slightly crispy skin, went exceptionally well with the sweetness of the onion and the heavy truffle flavours.

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T‌o end off the meal is a dessert that makes you feel like a cool spring breeze is caressing your skin.
This fruity dessert has elements from all over Japan: Yuzu sorbet, Amao strawberry from Fukuoka Kyushu, Moscato D’asti jelly, Shizuoka Mask Melon, Hakuto peach from Yamanashi, and Italian fruit sponge served in a Macedonian style.
Every part of this dessert mingled together to become a refreshing mix of sour and sweet.

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This Michelin star restaurant truly delivers its food personalised and deliciously fresh after being moulded in the hands of Chef Seita. With warm service and a relaxing ambiance, Terra is the perfect place for a relaxing time with friends and family over good food.

Expected Damage: $208++ for Summer Omakase 

Terra: 54 Tras St, Singapore 078993 | Tel6221 5159 | Mon – Fri: 12pm – 2pm, 6:30pm – 10pm, Sat: 6:30pm – 10pm | Website