Top 15 Singapore Best Food Blogs

Singapore’s Best Food Blogs *Updated April 2018*


Although I can think of a few other lifestyle sites with good stats as well, the strict definition of a ‘food blog’ is one that has more than at least 50% of its content as food related, which includes recipes, food reviews and food guides. The ranking below is based on‘s estimated traffic ranking system.

Many sites have been using to gauge traffic and I can tell you that there are quite a few weird cases where the ranking is totally off. I highly disagree with using, and what I’ve found to be the most accurate so far is SimilarWeb.

Some limitations to using 3rd party rankings are that its floating – A site’s stats traffic changes monthly, but the rankings are just a current monthly snapshot and can be very different the next month.

The estimated Similarweb website traffic is also supposedly based on desktop views only, but comparing to my actual data from Google Analytics, I’d say its actually closer to the total combined traffic of desktop + smart devices, but perhaps a 20%-30% underestimate.

Thus in terms of visitor traffic, I can only confidently give a ‘more than’ estimate while for the real actual figures you’re going to have to ask the blogs themselves for their Google Analytics data.

Post content quality is also not taken into consideration, and only traffic viewership rates are measured. The site ranking is based purely in Singapore, while site traffic might be from multiple countries. One of these abnormalities can be seen at the no. 10 spot, with and halalfoodblog having a lower Singapore ranking but actually having higher total traffic – this is because a large percentage of web traffic is also coming from other countries.

TL;DR version

  • To qualify as a food blog, content must be more than 50% about food.
  • These are just estimates – You have to ask the blogs for their actual figures
  • Traffic isn’t everything – quality content is not considered here
  • ranking is more accurate than
  • Know the difference between local traffic and overseas traffic
Singapore Food Blogs SimilarWeb Ranking in Singapore Est. unique visitors/ month
1  650 Above 1m
2 681 Above 1m
3 887 Above 1m
4 1610 Above 500k
5 2897 Above 400k
6 3733 Above 160k
7 6364 Above 80k
8 7044 Above 50k
9 8862 Above 40k
10  9416 Above 40k
11 10374 Above 30k
12 14585 Above 20k
13 13503 Above 20k
14 31992 Above 20k
15 33789 Above 15k

Final Notes:

Every blog has their own strengths and traffic should definitely not be the only factor when choosing a blog for a campaign. Dr. Leslie from Ieatishootipost for example despite having less traffic than a couple of the top blogs, has the biggest facebook followers and influence.

Clients and PR firms needs to figure out each blog’s strengths and use them effectively rather than just plainly following suit. There are also many cases of fake/bought follower numbers, and clients especially need to be able to tell the real numbers from the fake ones.

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