Top 9 Singapore Clubs For The Wasted Youths

Before I proceed any further, I want you all to know that I am referring to all night prowlers over the age of 18 and under the age of (insert whatever youthful number) as wasted youths because, wasted and well, youth. I love literal terms.

Now that we’ve set up our parameters, here’s a list of clubs for all you wasted youths to peruse. We hope it helps you decide upon which establishment you shall grace with your presence to shake your booty like you mean it or fist pump with your new found groove. Let’s also eat, pray, drink that you do not barf anywhere apart from a toilet.

And remember, stay clean, stay golden. Godspeed.

1. Zouk

best clubs singapore youth -zouk2

Top 9 Clubs -zouk

This legendary establishment needs no introduction. It had, has and will continue to be the pilgrimage for all youths embarking on a traditional clubbing experience. It’s almost like a rite of passage for all youths dabbling in night life.

Zouk will be moving to Clarke Quay in the near future, but as of now, it still retains it’s 3 rooms. Namely Zouk, Velvet Lounge and Phuture, each dedicated to different sounds, ranging from R&B, to trance, whatever your fix is.

Zouk: 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore 179022 | Tel: +65 6738 2988 | Website

2. Kyo (cl0sed)

best clubs singapore youth - kyo

Top 9 clubs - kyo2

The famed location for Eat Me Poptart where alternative, punk and indie prowlers get their dosage of night life is none other than Kyo. Other than that, you can expect house, tech and minimal on the dance floor, definitely an alternative club as opposed to Zouk.

Forget all that, Kyo is located underground, in a former bank vault in the basement of Keck Seng Tower, playing underground music. They also stock a wide variety of Japanese sake, whisky and spirits. Oh, the holy grounds of all things dope.

Kyo: 133 Cecil Street, Singapore 069535 | Tel: +65 8299 8735 | Website

3. Kilo Lounge

best clubs singapore youth kilolounge2

Top 9 clubs-kilolounge

You think Kyo is underground enough? Kilo Lounge is here to top that, literally. Atop an industrial building that is home to most things hip like Loysel’s toy and Kilo’s al fresco dining, Kilo Lounge is the new industrial chic home for the night owls more interested in the alternative house music scene.

Kilo Lounge is the place to be if you’re one of those wasted youths with a penchant for all things deep and groovy. If you’re sick and tired of all the pushing and, gasp, yes grinding (because the male species at certain establishments can be particularly interested in that) and also you are a big fan of deep house like me, then Kilo Lounge is the place for you.

Kilo Lounge: 66 Kampung Bugis, Singapore 338987 | Tel: +65 6467 3987 | Website

4. Bang Bang

best clubs singapore youth bangbang2

Top 9 clubs-bangbang

Bang bang into the room, I know you want it and yes, you want to be at Bang Bang. Remember Mink? Well, all good things come to an end and Bang Bang is the new start to that end.

Expect to get your heart racing from skin-tight jeans and any teenage dreams or not, who knows. And also I should stop quoting lyrics. The usual club hits and mash ups will always be present for you and your group of friends to fist pump to or squeal if you must, but please, do everyone a favour and stop chanting.

Bang Bang: Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595 | Tel: +65 8127 2808 | Website

5. F Club

best clubs singapore youth f club

Top 9 clubs-fclub2

F for fashion, not a tongue-in-cheek for anything, well, cheeky. Since we are speaking fashion here and also linked to Fashion TV, it is no wonder the club goers are all dressed to the nines, befitting of the theme.

F Club has 2 rooms, one spinning house music while the other focuses more on chart toppers and hiphop. You’ll get your swanky tunes game on over at F Club, definitely. And with elaborate interiors like red velvet plush seats with renaissance atmosphere, how do you refrain from feeling classy there?

F Club: Clarke Quay, 3B River Valley Road, The Foundry #01-08 | Tel: +65 6338 3158 | Website

6. Canvas

Top 9 clubs-canvas

best clubs singapore youth canvas

At the former hipster Home Club location, Canvas is an art gallery by day, alternative underground club by night. Joining the likes of Kyo and Kilo Lounge, Canvas brings in another element to this underground scene – art.

While the other two mainly spin deep house and minimal music, Canvas mixes up mainstream with indie house, nu disco and tech. So for anyone looking for something other than edm but yet do not want to get stuck so deep into house, Canvas might just be your solution.

Canvas: The River Walk, 20 Upper Circular Road #B1-01, Singapore 058416 | Tel: +65 6539 2928 | Website

7. Attica

best clubs singapore youth attica

Top 9 clubs-attica

Oh Attica, right up your alley if your definition of a great night out consists of mainstream dance music with sensual and sultry dance moves. Ladies listen up, Attica is your playhouse for the night. Gentlemen listen up, try to keep your hands to yourself.

This refurbished Attica is no longer as tacky as it seemed, it’s really where style meets sexy. Like Kyo and Kilo Lounge, it does attract an international clientele as well but wasted youths are a big part of it all. Attica has 2 levels, with the first floor being the top 40 chart hits and the second playing more progressive and trance tunes.

Attica: Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road #01-03, Singapore 179020 | Tel: +65 6333 9973 | Website

8. Trace

best clubs singapore youth trace

Top 9 clubs-trace2

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s night life scene, Trace is a lounge and more for all you edm lovers. Throw in the laser show because Star Wars has shown us how magnificent they are, let alone beautimous (beautiful beyond belief) when tipsy.

Of course they’re not forgetting all you hip hop crunks out there, head down on Wednesday nights for a good dose of hip hop and girls, it’s a well-known fact it also happens to be ladies night. So drop the light sabres and your inner geek for a night of inebriated fun.

Trace: 5 Magazine Road #01-03, Singapore 059571 | Tel: +65 6443 4500 | Website

9. Refuge

best clubs singapore youth refuge

Top 9 clubs-refuge

Seek refuge out. Please applaud my humour, it’s really low. But shawty get low, low, low. Not too sure if that song is still relevant but surely Refuge is staying relevant and mint as hell with their hip hop tunes.

Refuge is the new kid on the block that specialises in hiphop, funk and R&B for all you home boys and fly girls. At Refuge it’s all about the twerking glory of the booty and honestly, turn down for what.

Refuge: 79 Circular Road #02/03-01, Singapore 049433 | Tel: +65 9772 3953 | Website