16 Truffle Noodle Dishes In Singapore To Keep You Trufflin’ Every Day

Truffle-centric dishes is a fad that has been around for a while now, but I’m convinced that it’s here to stay for a little longer.

What started out as commonly found in french fries, the truffle flavour that everyone loves has now spread to other dishes including rice, meats and noodles.

Truffle Noodles 10

I’m here to bring you 16 truffle noodle dishes in Singapore so you won’t have to look any further to fulfil your truffle-filled dreams. You can also easily save and view this list of places on TripAdvisor here.

And when I say noodles, I don’t discriminate; from ramen to pasta and even wanton mee, I love my noodles all the same.

1. Truffle Broth Ramen & Dry Truffle Ramen (Kanshoku Ramen Bar)

Truffle Noodles 1

When you think of truffle ramen, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is Kanshoku Ramen Bar. I guess it does help that they have the first mover advantage and that their Orchard Gateway outlet is in such a strategic location that captures crowds.

Truffle Noodles 4

The owner, Melvin, kindly sat down with us and explained the profile flavours of each dish. Because Kanshoku serves two types of truffle ramen noodles, Melvin advised us to have the Truffle Broth Ramen ($17.90) before trying its dry counterpart because the truffle would pale in comparison.

True enough, the broth boasted a subtle truffle flavour that hit just the back of our throats without being too overpowering. You should get this if you’re looking for a bowl of truffle noodles that won’t leave you feeling jelak.

Truffle Noodles 5

After that, we had the Dry Truffle Ramen ($16.90) that came with torched chashu and sous vide egg. The moment we started mixing it all up, the strong smell of truffle came wafting through the air.

The egg yolk gave the dish a creamy texture which I loved so much, and I think it’s safe to say that this is hands down one of the best truffle noodles out there in Singapore.

Just a fun fact before we move on: Melvin told me that this dish was created by accident when he was just messing around with ingredients one afternoon. It was a friend who told him to put it on the menu, and he even hesitated thinking that it wouldn’t be well-received. It ended up becoming their signature dish and best-seller.

Expected Damage: $16.90 – $17.90 per pax

Kanshoku Ramen Bar: Various Outlets | Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Truffle Wanton Mee (Bee Kee Wanton Mee)

Truffle Noodles 2

In a small corner along Lorong Lew Lian (check out that alliteration), Bee Kee Wanton Mee has got to have the most affordable bowl of truffle noodles yet.

Truffle Noodles 8

The Bee Kee Truffle Wanton Noodle ($6) was a bowl packed with goodness. Apart from a generous serving of wanton mee, the dish also came with a couple of wantons, some char siu and leafy vegetables. Wholesome much?

The aroma of the truffle oil was quite strong and was also evenly distributed throughout the dish. So you don’t get clumps of noodles without your truffle goodness. Overall, it’s a pretty decent bowl if you’re craving hard, but on a budget.

Expected Damage: $6 per pax

Link: Facebook 

3. My Truffle Oil Noodle (I Want My Noodle)

Truffle Noodles 6

I Want My Noodle can be a little difficult to find at first, but you’ll find it all the way at the end of Shaw Centre. The concept and visual merchandising of the store are pretty interesting, and has a chill and quaint ambience.

Truffle Noodles 7

This was the My Truffle Oil Noodle ($9.90) and I was disappointed to find that it didn’t come with any meat at all. The serving of mushrooms, however, was massive and we still had mushrooms left even after finishing the noodles.

This dish didn’t really work for me though, because I felt that the eggy taste of the noodles was in competition with the truffle flavour, which I thought was supposed to be the star of the show.

When asked about the noodles, owner Derrick explained to me that their egg noodles are handmade in the store every morning, and that it’s nothing like wanton mee at all, in case you had the misconception.

Expected Damage: $9.90 per pax

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Truffle Carbonara (Benjamin Barker Cafe)

Benjamin Barker Cafe 3

When I learned that famous men’s wear fashion label Benjamin Barker opened a cafe, I couldn’t resist going down to check out the food personally.

Benjamin Barker Cafe 2

To my delight, I found that they served Truffle Carbonara ($18), which fit just nicely into this list. Consisting of linguine, mushrooms, bacon, truffle paste, sous vide egg and parmesan, this is exactly what you’d expect in a carbonara; except perfumed with truffle.

Benjamin Barker Cafe 1

The truffle taste was rather elusive though, and felt more like just a regular carbonara dish. I, too, have to add that we split this three ways, so there’s no telling if slurping up the whole plate singlehandedly will leave you feeling jelak.

Expected Damage: $18 per pax

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5. Truffle Angel Hair Pasta (Twenty Eight Cafe)

Truffle Noodles 12

Known for their Instagrammable space with high ceilings and minimalistic decor, Twenty Eight Cafe is situated at 28 Wilkie Road, hence explaining why it is so called.

Truffle Noodles 9

I was pretty disappointed at the portion of this Truffle Angel Hair Pasta ($19) considering how we paid so much only to get so little in return, so I didn’t get my hopes up.

Truffle Noodles 10

But it didn’t take us long to be 100% sold because the truffle flavours in this one were y-u-m-m-y. My colleagues and I were soon fighting over who got more bites from this bowl, and we almost forgot that the other dishes existed. But still, you gotta try it for yourself to decide if it’s worth the hefty price tag.

Expected Damage: $19 per pax

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6. Signature Dry Truffle Ramen (Grove)

Payalebar Grove

Dear vegetarian readers, I haven’t left you out! Grove, a modern vegetarian restaurant, serves up mouth-watering vegetarian-friendly fare at affordable prices.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 25

The Signature Dry Truffle Ramen ($8.80) looked awfully similar to I Want My Noodle‘s Truffle Oil Noodles, minus the egg. Though it claims to be ramen as the name suggests, I think calling it ‘la mian’ (hand-pulled noodles) would’ve been a better representation of the dish.

The truffle flavour was generous, but as usual, it was too plain for me to say that I loved it, and just ended up being a little too boring.

Expected Damage: $8.80 per pax

Grove: 83 Punggol Central, #02-21, Singapore 828761 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook

7. Shoyu Soba (Tsuta)

Truffle Noodles Listicle 23

Priding themselves as the world’s only Michelin-starred ramen restaurant, Tsuta‘s focused menu has garnered them overwhelming support from fans.


Apart from the insanely tender pork slice, the Shoyu Soba ($15) boasts smooth and springy handmade noodles with a texture akin to Soba noodles. Needless to say, the dollop of black truffle puree gave that subtle kick of fragrance, without masking the flavours of the meat.

But I guess the icing on the cake for me really is the fact that they’ve chosen to keep the prices affordable. Isn’t it nice that we can all afford to treat ourselves to a Michelin-starred meal without breaking the bank?

Expected Damage: $15 per pax

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Signature Crispy Pork Lard Truffle Noodle (Chinese Noodle Bar by Blue Lotus)

Chinese Noodle Bar 1

Most of you might recognise the Blue Lotus brand from their flagship store in Sentosa, and now they’ve brought The Chinese Noodle Bar to us down at Singapore Science Park.

Chinese Noodle Bar 5

I was super stoked to try the Signature Crispy Pork Lard Truffle Noodle ($12) because let’s all agree that lard is one of the best inventions in the culinary world. Risking my waistline, I devoured the whole bowl single-handedly.

The hearty portion of springy al-dente la mian noodles really more than made up for the fact that this is the most expensive bowl of la mian I’ve had. As perfect as it might sound, as usual, I wished that there were more than just vegetables in the bowl.

Expected Damage: $12 per pax

Links: Website | Facebook

9. Tajarin (Casa Tartufo)

casa tartufo 4

Known for their truffle-centric menu, Casa Tartufo is not for the budget-conscious — you have been warned. But although you might have to eat cai fan for the next few days to recuperate your losses here, their delicious fare quite makes up for the damage done.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 22

The Tajarin ($39) is one of the restaurant’s signatures, and it’s not hard to see why. It basks in its simplicity of only thin egg noodles and fresh winter black truffles, but it really epitomises the phrase “less is more”.

I kid you not, this is $39 of pure satisfaction, and once you’re done, you’ll be left sulking that your next trip here will probably be a while later.

Expected Damage: $39 per pax

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Salmon Mentaiko Truffle Spaghetti (Chirashi King Kong)

Truffle Noodles Listicle 19

Chirashi King Kong is every donburi lover’s dream come true — delicious rice bowls at fair prices with bowls like the Salmon Mentaiko costing as low as $9.90.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 14

But don’t fret if you’re a noodle kinda person like me, they didn’t leave us out. Here’s the Salmon Mentaiko Truffle Spaghetti ($9.90) that just bursts with so much flavour.

The truffle flavours were a little strong with this one, but overall balanced out nicely when eaten together with the salmon mentaiko.

Expected Damage: $9.90 per pax

Chirashi King Kong: #02-06, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Blk 1, 082001 | Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon-Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook | Instagram

11. Truffle Carbonara (Pastaria Abate)

Pastaria Abate 1

The interesting concept at Pastaria Abate is that you get to DIY your own pasta dishes, meaning that here’s your chance to pair your favourite pasta type with the base of your choice.

The friendly staff there will be more than willing to assist you on pairings too, so don’t fret if you can’t decide.

Truffle Noodles Dishes Singapore Pastaria Abate 1

I paired this Truffle Carbonara ($15.80) with my personal favourite, linguine. Although it’s cheaper than Benjamin Barker Cafe’s equivalent, it also falls short. The truffle flavour was very isolated from the rest of the components on the plate, and the whole dish just didn’t gel well together.

Expected Damage: $15.80 per pax

Links: Website | Facebook 

12. Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta (Don & Tori)

Don & Tori 1

Located along Tras Street, Don & Tori is a quaint little Japanese restaurant that you might miss if you don’t keep your eyes peeled! But don’t underestimate the simple exterior because they serve dishes made only with fresh ingredients flown from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market four times a week.

Don & Tori 17

This was the Sakura Ebi Angel Hair Pasta ($32), which was basically Angel Hair pasta infused with white truffle oil and topped with caviar and Sakura baby prawns. The truffle oil served to give the dish an elevated fragrance but I’m not sure how I feel about paying a whopping $32 for a portion like this.

Expected Damage: $32 per pax

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13. Cold Truffle Somen With Hotate (Miss G’s Grill & Bar)

Truffle Noodles Listicle 20

Miss G’s Grill & Bar fits nicely along the row of its bar counterparts at Telok Ayer. It has a modern and sleek get up, and I observed that it was a popular spot to chill after work amongst many working adults.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 17

We tried the Cold Truffle Somen With Hotate ($14.90), and we shocked to find that the portion didn’t match its price. It felt like I was getting an appetiser despite paying the price for a main.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 18

But I can’t deny that this was really one hella bowl and packed quite a punch despite its humble demeanour. With to-die-for hotate slices and somen that had the right kind of softness, I can see why customers would be willing to pay the high price.

Expected Damage: $14.90 per pax

Miss G’s Grill & Bar: 44, 45 Pekin Street, 048775 | Opening Hours: 10am – 12 midnight (Mon – Fri), 6pm – 12 midnight (Sat), Closed on Sun | Facebook 

14. Truffle Ramen (Gyoza-ya)

best cheese dishes gyoza-ya

When Gyoza-ya first set up shop, everyone was raving about the hero of their menu: gyozas. But I’d like to give their other dishes some ample lovin’ too.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 24

Although I appreciate that this bowl of Truffle Ramen ($14.80) comes with a serving of pork and nitamago, the plating looked a little sad; as if the ingredients were piled on together randomly.

Nonetheless, you still get everything that’s expected in a bowl of ramen and some truffle while you’re at it, so in that sense, it does offer a bang for your buck. Plus, you get to enjoy some gyoza on the side — a win-win situation.

Expected Damage: $14.80 per pax

Gyoza-ya: Various Outlets | Website | Facebook | Instagram 

15. Truffle Parma (Knots Cafe & Living)

Knots Living Cafe 1

With plants creeping round every corner of the space and rustic wood furniture, it’s hard not to be drawn to Knot Cafe & Living‘s appeal.

Knots Cafe Living 2

But the space isn’t the only thing that’s great there; their Truffle Parma ($18) is to-die-for as well. By now, we’ve already seen so many different renditions of the cream pasta and truffle combination, but I think this one takes the cake.

I can’t stress enough how well the truffle-infused cream sauce complements the thinly-sliced, savoury parma ham. Although I was a bit of a skeptic initially, I soon found myself looking forward to every bite.

Expected Damage: $18 per pax 

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Links: Website | FacebookInstagram

16. Truffle Inaniwa Udon (Manzoku by Yoi Group)

Truffle Noodles Listicle 26

Known for their to-die-for Chirashi bowls that are topped with thick slices of sashimi, I visited Manzoku with the intention of having their signature, but soon changed my mind once I laid eyes on their other offerings.

Truffle Noodles Listicle 27

This Truffle Inaniwa Udon ($19) reminded me of the Cold Truffle Somen With Hotate we had at Miss G’s Grill & Bar, except in a reasonable portion this time.

The Udon was smothered in truffle sauce, so you get the fragrance with every bite. Also, it was so smooth, I slurped it up really quickly (or perhaps I was just really hungry).

Truffle Noodles Listicle 28

As you can see from the depiction, they didn’t shy away with the tobiko and hotate as well — I easily got around eight to nine piece of hotate so fresh that it felt like they came straight from the ocean.

$19 isn’t an amount you’d casually part with for a main on a usual day, but if you’re looking for a place to #treatyoself to some good truffle noodles, Manzoku is well worth the price.

That’s all I have for now for my truffle noodles hunt, and you can be sure I’ll definitely keep my eyes (and stomach) peeled for more to come. Slide into my DMs if you know of any others, I’ll be there to give it a try!