V Gallery Singapore’s Chicken Rice Vodka – an April Fools’ Joke or a Savoury New Flavour?

A well-known brand in the spirits industry for over 50 years, V Gallery is a small family-run company that produces multiple variations of vodka. They pride themselves in being perfectionists, churning out the purest, clear Italian vodka—they even distill all their drinks five times! 

If you dislike the taste of raw, pure alcohol, you might want to opt for V Gallery drinks for a change. One of their most famous and unique flavours would be the Marshmallow Vodka, which recreates the nostalgic flavour of the sweet treat infused with vanilla and red fruits. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even try the Toffee Fudge or Coffee Vodka—these will definitely keep you awake throughout the day! 

V Gallery Chicken Rice Vodka Singapore Apr 2020 Online

Just yesterday, V Gallery Singapore posted a picture on Instagram introducing a new flavour—the Chicken Rice Vodka. Sounds iffy? I think so too.

It allegedly brings together the bold and intense flavours of one of Singapore’s signature dishes: a good ol’ plate of steamed chicken rice. 

V Gallery Chicken Rice Vodka Singapore Apr 2020 Online 2

They claim it features the flavours of boiled chicken, sesame oil, ginger and garlic all in a bottle. Now mix that with the bitter taste of vodka. Seems like an unusual flavour to me but on the off chance that this isn’t an April Fools’ joke, I definitely would try it just once. 

It’s also funny how they posted it on 31 March 2020, just a day before the annual custom where jokesters play practical jokes and pranks on others. So it might be a prank, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Would you try chicken rice vodka? Keep your eyes peeled, it might very well be on its way. 

Dates & Times: V Gallery’s usual range is available at Cold Storage and on V Gallery website 

Price: TBC