W Singapore Review: Probably the best island staycation escape

W Singapore provided arguably one of the best 5-star hotel stays I’ve experienced in Singapore so far, regardless of the premium one has to fork out per night.

W Singapore Lobby

Booking a staycation within Singapore is easy enough, but to truly immerse yourself in a hotel stay that separates from our tiny island is another thing altogether. What I seek ultimately for a local staycation, is the illusion of being in a foreign land; an island away from an island. W Singapore checks this box as aggressively as temperature checks these days, and I’m happy to share my two-nights stay review with all.

Checking into W Singapore

From memory, there used to be a shuttle service straight to W Singapore from Harbourfront, but that route appears to be obsolete as of this writing. Going for the cheapest transport method, I took the express train from Vivocity to Beach Station (Sentosa), then transferred to the bus terminal and hopped on Bus B towards Sentosa cove/W Singapore.

W Singapore external facade

As the free bus service pulled up to the massive W around the check-in time of 3pm, my excitement was rising by the second—just landing on Sentosa island provided a relieving detachment from Singapore that is so hard to come by.

Lobby of W Singapore

From the entrance to the lobby, intricate details were already abundant such as the elevator with a seat, the signature welcome mat as well as the whimsical pop-art installations that make W, well, W.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7790

Can anyone say ‘Andy Warhol’?

W Singapore Check In

Checking in was typical of any hotel; sign this acknowledgement, hand over your credit card for deposit, clickety-clack, and here’s your room key card. One worthy feat of mention was the thorough, almost surgery-grade disinfection wipe down of the counter after each guest’s presence. I liked that we were given free masks as well as sanitisers which shows how serious W Singapore takes this current pandemic.

Life in the Fabulous Room Part 1

W Singapore fabulous room

W Singapore Staycation Review 7690

Flamboyance is a key branding of W Singapore and the 40sqm Fabulous room where I resided embodies this.

The room décor plays on a fusion of organic and urban traits, such as the hanging butterfly pendant lights, orchid pattern carpeting, and abstract floral wall motifs which are illuminated by four tones of mood lighting. The different mood lightings even include a ‘flirt’ mode for that specific tone of seduction you need.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7706

W Singapore Staycation Review 7713

The balcony leads to a panoramic view of the pool…

W Singapore Staycation Review 7729

…as well as spectacular sunset views within the cove.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7691

Opening the cabinet reveals a minibar (providing snacks for a fee), tea, and coffee-maker which were all pretty standard.

Life in the Fabulous Room Part ‘Toilet’

I’m going to give a strangely elaborate recount of the Fabulous room’s bathroom just because… it was fancy AF.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7696

W Singapore Staycation Review 7720

While branded toiletries are a given, which hotel gives out facial wash? Providing facial wash weirdly impressed me and I definitely did not take home… only one.

W Singapore Bose 7719

Another absolutely ballin’ fixture was the Bose sound system, which even had speakers in the bathroom and a volume control near the basin.

With a separate shower and bathtub, one other interesting fixture was the sliding window panel beside the bathtub, with a direct line of sight to the 40-inch TV.

W Singapore Review 034650416

If you’ve never tried watching TV while soaking in a bath with perfect surround sound from Bose speakers, you haven’t experienced what luxury is.

But enough about the room, there’s only so much lazing around one can do.

Work out at FIT Gym

W Singapore Review 020220477

A hotel’s gym is a space I barely visit, given my preference for consuming calories over burning them. However, at W Singapore, it took way less persuasion. The FIT gym at W Singapore isn’t a cramped, hastily put-together gym with bare minimum equipment. This is an actual corporate-like gym you might find in town that will easily cost a couple hundred a month in membership fees, but entirely free at W Singapore.

W Singapore Review 010219197

W Singapore Review 010300739

W Singapore Review 013515618

State-of-the-art gym machines and even personal trainers are available.

W Singapore Review 020113740

Bottled water and cold towels are for grabs as well for the FIT gym-goer. The sheer size and machinery available go way beyond any hotel gym I’ve seen and I’d recommend dropping by (after making a slot booking) even if you aren’t a gym rat just to soak in the vibes of a premium gym membership.

Lounge at WET Pool

W Singapore Staycation 7799

The WET pool at W is one of the largest outdoor resort pools you can find in Singapore with all the trappings of an epic pool party. For guests, you’ll have to make a time slot booking beforehand in order to access it. For the public, an entry would cost S$45++ per person (it has since been temporarily halted due to the pandemic).

W Singapore Staycation 7804

W Singapore Staycation 7802

You can also order snacks and cocktails at the WET bar for the perfect pool-chilling experience. While most hotel pools don’t open till late, the WET pool is open 24 hours every day with an illuminated deck that casts gorgeous LED hues on the waters after dark.

Breakfast at Kitchen Table

Wsingapore Breakfast

Located beside the pool, the resident restaurant Kitchen Table is where you’ll enjoy breakfast. Simply scan the QR code from your mobile phone and you’ll be able to see the menu offerings which not only have a variety of cuisines, but also a tendency for healthier options as well. Items can be ordered repeatedly unlike other hotels, while fresh juice is also available.

The breakfast selection was truly a delight and goes beyond what a typical hotel breakfast usually provides. Service is also quick and attentive, something many hotels struggle with when the restaurant becomes packed during the breakfast rush.

For regular meals though, I’d give Kitchen Table a miss as there are other better options around the vicinity.

Dine at SKIRT

W Singapore Staycation Review 7812

I’ve been to SKIRT multiple times and if you’re staying at W Singapore, this is a must-visit for dinner. Even though there’s a wide number of restaurants within walking distance of Sentosa Cove, SKIRT still deserves a reservation on its own. Here’s why:

W Singapore Staycation Review 7824

The steaks go through dry-ageing in-house to enhance flavour.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7818

A wood-fired Parrilla grill is used to grill the steaks, imparting a distinct smokiness unachievable with just a pan.

Skirt Restaurant
Clockwise from top left: 70°C Octopus (S$48), Lobster, Guanciale, Truffle Mac & Cheese (S$26), Foie gras Torchon (S$42), Manjari Garden (S$26)

W Singapore Staycation Review 7831

I’ve sung multiple high praises about the signature Butchers Cut Skirt Steak (S$98) previously, but the full-blooded Japanese Tochigi Wagyu Ribeye (S$158) pictured above is also worth a try for its iron-like complexity beyond just the usual fatty umami typical of Wagyu.

Overall, an indulgent yet relaxing dining spot to complement your stay.

Drinks at WooBar

W Singapore Staycation Review 7843

I always appreciate a top-notch bar within a hotel and WooBar delivers delicious drinks. Get inebriated and easily walk back to your room with no fuss. Other than standard run-of-the-mill cocktails, bespoke cocktails crafted from herbs and premium spirits are also available.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7845

W Singapore Staycation Review 7855

I rarely eat any bites at a cocktail bar, however, this Salmon Tartare (S$28) was calories well-spent. Raw salmon sitting atop avocado, the fish is mixed with radish, chive, taro chip, and Nagaimo yam cream which I felt was the unifying ingredient that really propelled this tartare a step above others.

While the drinks and nibbles were great, at times the atmosphere felt a bit empty as the staff would step out, leaving patrons alone to their own devices.

Walking along Sentosa Cove

W Singapore Staycation Review 7769

I’m going to lay it on the line; Sentosa Cove is straight up an expat town in Singapore. All the more why walking out of W Singapore and along the cove made it such a surreal foreign experience—there were hardly any locals. Everyone is friendly and kind, going about a leisurely pace unheard of in Singapore.

W Singapore Staycation Review 7774

The multitude of available convenience stores, restaurants, and bars also makes Sentosa cove essentially self-sustainable living. If you’re still somehow feeling bored, a shuttle bus to visit any other amusements in Sentosa is easily accessible.

Final thoughts

W Singapore Staycation Review 7793

The convergence of a great hotel, stellar restaurant, and affable bar all in one is few and far between. W Singapore is outstanding because it has managed to achieve the standard all luxury hotels are looking to attain in their individual functions. Rarely do all faculties excel as intended.

As a plus, walking distance to other amenities and entertainment around Sentosa island adds to the escapism allure. Heck, you could get to Universal Studios Singapore within 20 minutes during your staycation.

What really speaks to me is the brand’s daring commitment to social inclusivity, sustainability, along with wellness.

W Singapore might not be ‘value’, but it sure was an unforgettable experience. If you pay attention, every detail and quirk makes sure there is never a dull moment during your time at W Singapore. I honestly have no idea what the W stands for, but it’s a big ‘WOW’ in my books.

Expected damage: From S$557/night (excluding taxes and fees) 

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

Our Rating 4/5

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

Telephone: +65 6808 7288
Telephone: +65 6808 7288
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