Wang Pai’s premium caramelised char siew is instant and fuss-free

Ever dreamt of making gorgeously charred char siew at home? Now you can. The folks over at Wang Pai have teamed up with Randall Gan, the chef behind Roast Paradise and Fook Kin, to churn out a special new concept—microwaveable char siew. The brand’s signature product is their caramelised pork shuddling ($24.90 for 350g, $45.90 for 700g).

Why shuddling, you ask? Wang Pai touts their char siew to be so addictive that one may, in their words, ‘tremble convulsively’ upon consumption.


Neatly presented in a small, bright-pink box, the char siew comes in thick slabs. The preparation process is extremely quick; simply let it thaw, pour out the contents, brush any remaining sauce onto the meat before popping it into the microwave for three minutes. Slice before serving for easier consumption.

Char Siew Chopstick

Indeed, achieving a nice blackened crust on your char siew is no small feat at home, especially without the proper equipment. The next time you want to impress your friends with your culinary prowess, this can be an easy alternative.

In addition, Wang Pai also prides itself on the fact that their products have zero preservatives added. Consumers can hence expect no artificial sweeteners or MSG being added to their food.

Char siew aside, another frozen product from Wang Pai is their premium mala baby lobster (S$31.90 for 1kg). Featuring cooked crawfish marinated in mala spices, one can look forward to a spicy and savoury mix of flavours bound to entrance your taste buds. Who said seafood has to be expensive, huh?

Wangpai Mala Lobster Online

For those who can’t decide between the two, you can also opt for Wang Pai’s combination of both char siew and lobster ($42.80 for 350g char siew, 750g lobster). This way, you can be assured to get the best of both worlds.

Admittedly, frozen food isn’t exactly prized for its freshness or quality. Yet, Wang Pai’s unique venture into roasted meat is highly commendable, providing greater accessibility to great-tasting char siew that is simple to prepare.

Date & Time: Order now from Wang Pai’s online shop, while stocks last.

Price: S$24.90/S$45.90 for 350g/700g Char Siew, S$31.90 for 1kg Mala Baby Lobsters