5 Ways To Use Juice Other Than Drinking It

Cook, blend or eat it. You decide.

With the rise of juice detox cleansing methods, #eatclean movements and finding peace through yoga, it is hard not to jump onto the healthy bandwagon. Singaporeans have slowly become more aware of what they are consuming and thus the increase of health conscious individuals.

Compared to 10 years ago, nobody then cared about how much sugar could that nursing cup of bandung contained. Now, we know how these added sugars are nothing but empty calories that will inevitably contribute an inch or so on our waistline if we do not work it all off, which increases the chance of developing diabetes. Many times we are unable to exercise as much as we planned for. At the very least, we could opt for better food and beverage choices in our daily lives.

So let’s talk about fruit juices. I personally love fruit juice because they are yummy and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Not forgetting that they are now a hipster’s cold pressed choice of beverage but they are also the Chanel of fruit juices. So for the rest of us who want to incorporate it into our daily lives on a regular basis, we’ve got MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added Juice to the rescue.

And under whose law are we to only consume juices through drinking? Here are 5 other ways you can play around with the versatile nature of juices.

1. Cook juice into a sauce marinate

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What can be healthier than making your own sauce marinate to go with your meal? Incorporate MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Powerveggies & Fruits into balsamic vinegar reduction and you are ready to indulge in a low in calorie, high in nutrients and flavourful meal. Great when drizzled over oven-baked chicken breast or over fresh salads.

2. Blend your juice into a healthy smoothie

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Forget the fancy smoothies that are priced sky high outside, you can now make your own at home. Simply blend MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Orange juice with banana, milk and ice to reward yourself after a long day. Quick, easy and oh so yummy.

3. Cook oats with juice

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I know, cooking juice with oats may sound a little unorthodox but trust me on this. Add MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Cloudy Apple juice into your oats with a little dash of milk. Mash it all up and top it with fruits like strawberries and blackcurrants, then sprinkle some chia seeds for a wholesome breakfast.

4. Blend your juice into a frozen Slushie

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Beat the heat with a refreshing frozen juice slushie. Forget the calorie laden patbingsu and cool yourself down with a home made slushie. Simply blend MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Wheatgrass and Veggie with ice, hide indoors and enjoy a healthy frozen reprieve from the warm tropical weather.

5. Toss juice into a fruit salad as dressing

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Fruit salad with fruit juice dressing sounds just about right to me. Grab a few berries and plums, chop it all up and toss them together with pistachios to give it a little protein boost. Then mix in some MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Orange juice for that extra taste and vitamin C. You can also add some yoghurt to pump up the fruit salad.


In an effort to promote healthy living, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH worked out a series of juices with No Sugar Added in 2005. Working very closely with the Health Promotion Board, 1 serving (250ml) of MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added juice is equivalent to a serving of fruits per day. The natural sweetness of these juices are all natural, stemming from the medley of fruits and vegetables blended within. This makes it so tasty and healthy at the same time.

Powerberries and Powerveggies & Fruits juice were introduced in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Powerberries, as the name suggests, contains 100% juices of “superfruits'” – acai berry, mulberry, raspberry, blueberry and cranberry. Powerveggies & Fruits then serve as an alternative to the former. It consists of 13 fruits and ”supervegetables” such as red beetroot, purple potato, purple carrot, spinach, celery and blueberries etc. Both juices are packed with anthocyanins, an anti-oxidant prevalent in blue-red fruits and vegetables.

With all these benefits and versatility, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added juices is the choice for thirst quenching situations. These juices retail at $1.05/ 250ml pack, $2.70/ 1-Litre pack and $4.85/ 2-Litre bottle, available in hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts, minimarts and provision stores. Affordable and nutritious, these juices are a definite must.

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*This post was brought to you in partnership with Marigold